Hi, my name is James and I am a Wavesaholic and it’s been 3 minutes since my last download of a Waves plugin.


Make that 1 minute. I am becoming a sucker for the email “deals” then send daily. I don’t know if is cabin fever or what but I am now buying a few plugins just about daily. I need to unsubscribe. Is anyone else doing this or am I alone a fool for the spam?

I’m a recovering Wavesaholic. I started with Platinum and every time something fun-looking or useful was up for a good sale, I bought it. Fortunately, Waves hasn’t put out anything recently that I’ve been interested in checking out (was on the fence about MixHub, but nah)… and now I’m starting to concentrate on the ones that I already have, to see what’s good for what and what I like with what. Considering the ridiculous number of plugins I have, this process should only take about 9493945839585 years.


I think what it is for me is I am always hoping that this new plugin will be THE plugin that makes everything sound magical and perfect. The all-in-one plugin. I know full well that there really is no such thing but I keep hoping that technology gets to a point where it can indeed polish crap to perfection.

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Boz-a-holic sounds better.

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That is nothing you want to recover from. A Boz-a-holic (or Bozee) is never trying to cut back but rather one who is comfortable in that constant state of needing more Boz products. It’s more like being a classic car collector, you always just need one more.

Hi. I’m Jonathan

(Hi Jonathan)

I’m a Waves-a-holic. I went through withdrawal when I purchased the last plugin and completed the purchase of every plugin they make. Symptoms include a loss of purpose, depression, and hours behind a DAW not knowing what to make of life since there is nothing left to buy. Support groups are recommended for therapy :wink:


Thank you for sharing Jonathan, we are glad you are here.

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My depression and loss of purpose is lifting after your sharing. You have inspired me. That gives me new meaning and purpose in life, to buy EVERY plugin Waves makes.

What is your top 3 favorite Waves plugins?

Hi, my name is Mike.

(Hi Mike)

I like plugins too. …but not just Waves.

I’m not Jonathan, but my top 3 Waves plugins would be - just 3?? (at the moment): Manny Marroquin EQ (bundle!), Scheps 73, and… let’s say I’m looking very forward to learning the Scheps Omni Channel!

BTW… @WeGotLost - James, don’t forget to shop the discounters! everyplugin.com (Use code “YNY23” at checkout too!) and audiodeluxe.com. Both give you even MORE of a discount than Waves. I don’t think I’ve directly bought from Wave since discovering these guys. (Oops! Am I supposed to be talking about that in this thread? :hushed: )

In all seriousness. What a glorious time to be an audio nerd. I’m still a kid in a candy shop. Coming from the analog world and just getting back into making music again in the last 4 years or so, every time I open my DAW I get excited. Seriously. Back in the day the “pedal of my dreams” cost me $300. That’s roughly what my DAW costs. Just the DAW alone is mind-melting. Not only do you have virtually unlimited tracks, but you have “virtual” access to some of the greatest gear, often many different flavors of that gear, right at your fingertips, thanks to plugins. Then add to THAT the pristine digital audio that we can make right in our own freakin’ basements! (or wherever) Amazing. Truly.

But I can quit anytime.

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And it’s truly amazing how much doesn’t get done around the house now that we have all this. Irresponsibility running wild. PS, ,my Massdrop headset should be here next week. :sunglasses:

I am soooo jealous. I wish I had the discretionary funds to get them right now! Do let us know how amazing they sound when you get them. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Dugan, M360, and the B360 encoder. :slight_smile:

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Haven’t used Waves in forever, don’t miss them a single bit. I am more of a stock DAW user nowadays :slight_smile:
I do have a few other ones, honestly onlu thing I miss sometimes is the Renaissance compressor and the Ultramaximizer.

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I like Waves, though I couldn’t say I’m an uber-fan.

On the gear modelling front, I tend to like IK Multimedia’s offerings better, and on the pure digital processing front, I think there are so many cheap options and stock plugins that do those jobs just as well these days that if you are starting out your collection in 2019, you don’t need to go to Waves for the bread and butter stuff like you might have needed to in, say, 2009.

That said, I’m putting NLS on every mix at the moment because it does work for gluing together sounds, and Puigtec EQ, API2500 & DBX160 also get outings regularly. RBass is, in my opinion, better than a sub kick mic for adding weight to things and Abbey Road Plates is simply sublime.


I was just reading this debate, what is your take on it if I may ask?

I’m not smart enough to weight in on that debate, but I almost put this plugin as one of my 3 because I use it frequently as well. I don’ know about all the GearSlutz stuff, but I like the saturation this puts on my tracks - sometimes. :sunglasses:

I don’t anything about it either but Steven Slate actually comments and says he has scientific proof it works. I also noticed mostly everyone else said what you said, it works for them and they can hear a good difference and that is all that matters. I am going to buy it but that is the LAST plugin for a while. I just need to buy in moderation.

I think I’ve read that thread before - maybe 3 years ago when I was reading up on the plugin before pulling the trigger. :grin:

My first thought is that people on Gearslutz will and do argue about anything, quite often to no purpose and in a way that demonstrates no understanding of what they’re getting heated up about.

The OP is right in that the summing is still done with the DAW but… I don’t think it matters. The plugin’s applying a consistent character across whatever channels you use it on. As long as you understand that the channel version’s impacting the channel alone, and the bus version is in turn only acting on the bus… I don’t really see what anyone would have to complain about. The name’s silly maybe but it’s just a marketing invention.

Airwindows do a plugin that attempts to do more interactive summing by expanding the channels then compressing the bus (I think it’s that way round), so that if one channel is going through it nothing changes but if multiple channels go through they interact with each other (Like, a big transient spike will momentarily compress other tracks, clearing more space in the signal for the transient punch) and it works, but after a while I went back to NLS. The main problem with the airwindows system is setting it up - the channel plugs need to be post fader, they all need to feed into the same bus plugin to work right, and it makes sub-bussing things a bit awkward.

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my favorite waves plugins are the abbey roads plate, and I do use waves Tune when ReaTune isn’t doing the job for me. I may throw on the J37 or the Abbey Roads vinyl on there to see if any good comes out of doing it.