I keep hearing about abbey roads plate so that is probably the next thing to get. I know Waves is not the greatest at it all but it is nice to know what others who are pros are using from them. It saves me a ton of time so thanks for the input. I will probably end up with the other suggestions as well but I really need a good verb plugin.


The Abbey Road Plate is really an outstanding plugin in my opinion. It should go on sale for $29 eventually, but if you don’t have UAD, it may be worth while to catch the entire Abbey Road bundle on sale if its cheap enough.

If you have the UAD Ampex and UAD studer, I don’t see much point in buying the J37. I use the Waves Plates because I’m pressed for plugin DSP and the UAD plates chew up a lot of it. I can go either way on the UAD vs Waves when it comes to their plate emulators. Its the one plugin by Waves that UAD also makes where I’m content with either.


The simplest solution is to buy everything Waves sells until you have so many plugins on your computer it starts having performance issues and you can’t even record a multitrack song because you have too many plugins, and it takes you 25 seconds just to scroll through your list of Waves plugins to find what you want, and 75% of the plugins you are not even sure what they do…and when the next sale comes up, you have to check that you didn’t already buy the plugin and never used it…At that point, you may feel the sense of holding off on the next sale…or at least when you see the next sale you run the checklist on your Waves account…yep I have that and that and that already.

Then repeat the purchasing process with IK Multimedia products of buying everything and using 5% of what you buy, and again AAS using 10%, and again with Toontracks using 75% of what you buy until guilt replaces greed next time you see the sales. You may even reach the expert shopping level where you can actually delete an email WITHOUT opening it. I know the thought is too much to handle at this point. It’s a process.

By the way, none of this applies to Boz software because the sales are basically no-brainers (no regrets; always buy :D)

See, I don’t have a problem; just an expensive solution.


I already have everything from Toontrack. I use about 90% of it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I am looking forward to EZBass at the end of the year :smiley:


I am looking forward to the new ORCHESTRAL
PERCUSSION SDX and the Al Schmitt. Totally excited.


Nice! I stopped myself at EZdrummer2 and never took the cross-grade offers. That’s another way to limit spending I guess, but I am temped to upgrade to IK multimedia’s SampleTank4 SE (at least)…and today just got a 70% upgrade offer from AAS…they are relentless!


They are ALL relentless. I started off with Superior Drummer 2 so I have to go up to 3 at some point. I just did a 10 day trial Ez drummer and its just not the same. I will always wish I did the upgrade for a hundred bucks.