'Wasteland' T. Hesticles Mix

'Wasteland' T. Hesticles Mix


Hey all, I decided to lay down some bass and a few guitar parts on this one. as well as a reverse crash thrown in for good measure. I hope I did this awesome track some justice. Had a real blast getting to play producer in a mix comp, hella fun. Cheers and good luck everyone.
EDIT: Made a few level adjustments to a revised version based on some helpful feedback. Cut the bass gat level by 2db, as well as bringing my guitar additions down a notch or two.


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Revised Version


Lovely bass on this, Terry - nice final chorus too. Mix sounds great.


Hey thanks @ColdRoomStudio, I really appreciate your feedback bro.


Hi Mister Hesticles,
I like the mix in general. It sounds good and the tonal balance is good too.
I like and dislike your bass, why ?

  • for the verses you choosed to ignore the first chord, that is very weird for my ears, maybe am i wrong ?
  • for the choruses, you did it man ! Really nice bassline.
  • bass is 2 deebeez too loud for me ?
    You guitars :
  • well made, i can recognize your touch ! Nice
  • they probably need some 3/4khz.
  • once again they are loud too.
    The ending is a good idea ! You once again decided to move something in the harmony and that is cool
    What did you put on the main guitar, i can ear a kind of modulation fx ?

Good job Dingo Star


Thanks @Moa22, nice feedback as I can always expect from you man. I used an ADT to split the main gat, so you you might be getting a bit of modulation from that but I think it’s not so bad really.


It is not, I quite love it


Cannot vote. What’s wrong with your pool ?


I dunno bro…


I also cannot vote and noticed that you have two mp3 players in your entry.

I like the mix and also your added bass and guitar parts, but both were louder than the rest of the mix and didn’t blend as well as possible.


Thanks for the comments man, I removed the player, hopefully fixed voting problem, cheers.


The voting is still not working. Maybe one of the site admins can take a look.


Use @Mods, the bholst user hasn’t been active in a while, it is Bryan’s test account.


Yeah, I need to delete that bholst account. Just hit me up (@holster) if you need to!


Works now. Someone had accidentally closed the poll. :wink:


Hi T. Hesticles,
Really good mix.
The first time I heard it, I agree with @Moa22 the F# on the bass sounded bizzare to me.
But I guess this was because i had got used to hearing 1000 times the song with A chord on that specific point.
The 2nd time it sounded fine to me.
I also believe I would prefer the bass a couple dbs lower but in general it’s a top mix.
Congrats and good luck.


Hey thanks ManAbyss. yeah you’re probably right if you expect to hear that A played in that specific section it’s gonna sound a little weird. One of the first moves I made was using a high pass filter on that main gat right up to around 250Hz in anticipation of a bass line, so for me, not really hearing that low A being played on the main guitar, the F# was the only option in my mind. Playing the A seemed a little too ‘expected’ alongside that sweet vocal melody, whereas the F# just felt more satisfying, to me anyway.


Nice up-front and clean vocal. Oh! Dramatic entry for the bass. Interesting bass part and very well played. Maybe it could be pulled back a bit so it doesn’t take attention away from the song? You definitely took this in a different direction! Your additions were well executed!


I agree with miked. Pull the bass back some. :slight_smile:


Thanks Mike.


Yep sorted it on my revision, thanks.


LIke your mix