'Wasteland' T. Hesticles Mix

'Wasteland' T. Hesticles Mix


The bass seems to be the focal element in what is a pretty laid back track so I don’t care for it.


Thanks for the feedback.


Bass made the verse feel different, I wonder if it should only be in the chorus, cuz it sounds great in the chorus!!


Nicely done and as you have noted you pulled back the bass in the revision. There are some really nice touches like the echo on the vocal going into the guitar solo. Thanks for sharing.


Bass made the verse feel different

Absolutely, that was the intention. Thanks for taking the time to drop some feedback, cheers.


Thanks very much @redworks


loved it overall - good balance, good tone, good saturation.
Loved the echo at the chorus and electric guitars ringing it (just a wee bit loud)
Bass addition was great, tiny bit loud as well.

some suggestions from my taste:
_ the guitar in the beginning could use a bit of stereo shuffling or balancing_
the high frequencies are keeping a distracting distance from the vocals. It is also a bit ‘tinny’ for my taste could use a bit of warmth. Low pass at 14k, a slight boost at 100 with a gentle wetness maybe?

Overall great mix!


Nice revision Terry !!

now the forced changes during the verses sound far better.
The slight hi-mid boost on the ending guitars is really cool, bring them back to life !
The solo is really really cool now !!!



Hey, Hairy Testicles. I really like what you did to fix the main guitar noise. Sounds like there’s a buildup in the boxy frequencies on the vocals however around 400Hz, I’d use a multi-band to push those down some. I think the bass addition is also on the happy go lucky side, I’m not sure that it fits the rest of the song. The bass sounds too loud to my also, it’s making the mix muddy. I also wouldn’t go with the delay on the “WAY” going into the solo. Seems out of place.


heard once more on old Samsung Earbuds (terrible ones) - previous pass was on AV40s (Treated room)

Mix translated well on the earbuds. Not much to add that hasnt already been mentioned.
No other problems appeared to crop up on the earbuds. Well polished!

Revised mix is very well done, great job! Lovin the bass even on the earbuds.


Thanks for taking the time to drop some feedback @FluteCafe, it’s a fair assessment.

Thanks @Moa22, great feedback as always, cheers buddy.

Thanks for your opinions @CPF


Hey, I just listened to your work and you really brought the song somewhere else and it’s very pleasant to see different version of that song.
Really good work to me, nice additions, the mix could sound odd at time but it really deserves your version of the song.
I really like the angry moment!

On the other hand, being a mixing contest, I’m not that bringing the song somewhere else is the best idea where the artist could not agree what you did and therefore it sounds more like did production with the track than just mixing and enhancing it.
I had mixed feeling of that thing :confused:

By the way, very bold and tasty work man!