Wasteland - Remixed By AMALA Studio (My New Revised Mix)

here is my mix to this contest. hope you all enjoy it :star_struck:

this is what i use and why

  • Red 2 EQ on almost all the tracks
    I make the vox, drums, and rythm guitar track as my priority, I dont want another extra tracks covering up my priority track space

  • LA2A model from studio one fat channel on the vox track
    because it’s so dynamic (especialy the screaming part before lead guitar :grin: )

  • red light distortion on lead guitar
    I have no idea abaut this but i love it

  • drawmer s73 on my drum bus
    i love to hear more on kick and snare track :smiley:

  • Tsar 1R, tube delay, and MPXi lexicon (all free bundle from my interface :smiley: )
    just love it, and make sure the FX not covering up my entire work i’ve done :smiley:

waiting for any critics about my mix, or anyone have a question? i’ll response ASAP

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@blue_faders…cool stuff man!!!

thanks man. this song is absolutely great, their mix themself. :grin:
I have fun mixing it, experiment with delays and reverb :heart_eyes:

You did a good job controlling that monster kick, but it sounds like there was a mid-scoop done to this whole mix. There’s too much going on in the low treble, and there’s not enough going on in the bottom. Also, the guitar solo doesn’t sound very impactful at all, it’s kind of buried behind the main guitar. Also it sounds like there’s some distortion going on with the vocals. I don’t like the glitch cymbals at all, but that’s more of an artistic thing than a mixing problem. It sounds like you went a little overboard with the EQ, I’d dial it back some brother.

I use a saturation knob on the vocal to make it cut trough the mix. But maybe i push it too much.

Btw I never hear the original song btw… i hear it when i finish the mix. And i realize that i treat the song wrong hahaha
Mine is too bright, drums is way too punch. The original is so dark, but keeping the ambience clean, and its more match with the type of the song.

I’ll learn a lot now :smiley:

I think it was recorded pretty hot regardless. See what you can work out.

Hi! I agree with @CPF about distortion on vocals, hi mids too present and bottom lacking. I also can hear the background noise on guitars. However what I like in your mix is that the vocal is clearly the star and the story is well told. I enjoyed the song despite those little observations, so that’s cool. :slight_smile:

Nice… The verb is nice! A bit too saturated for me. the gtr could pan away from the middle. A lil bright, if you tame the brightness you get back some warmth. It’s just a balance thing.

My 2 cents. Good Luck

Hey, cool job you did.
I really like what you did with drums, it gives the song another behaviour and I found it works pretty well. The reversed sample works well to me.
I agree with previous replies about EQ on vocals, it pushes the lead vocal back in the mix where she’s merely whispering in ears.

By the way, nothing really wrong to me, only matter of tastes.
Nice job!

thanks for all the critique. really apriciate that.

Btw, i want to revised some of my mix, but not now. maybe next week. i’ll try another color to mix this song :smiley:

pretty good. I am not a fan of too bright in general but i appreciate it when it is appropriate. I find that this mix goes a little beyond that an is a little crisp. I think though had you not pushed the vocal so hard it would not have been such an issue. Nicely done really. Thanks for sharing.

Nice mix.

I like the added touches
…echo on “tracks” vox…drum slide from L > R
and the handling of the gtr solo


  • lead vox a bit brittle/harsh
  • prefer more of the background vox in the mix
  • kick drum sound more like a glitch than kick

Hi there.
Nice balanced mix in general.
A lot of reverb on main vox for my taste. Especially on the verses. Could use automation.
I like the backing vox sound but I’d let them have 1-2 db more.
I’d prefer the solo guitar a bit louder.
I can also hear backround noise on guitars.

Good luck!

If you’ve made any changes @blue_faders, you can share then in this thread. Just don’t replace the oringinal at the start of the thread :wink:

It’s a great learning experience! I’ll be curious to hear what you may have done after hearing the original now.

Feels like a master bus is overlimiting. And yeah too much treble frequencies…Hard to listening on my monitors, sorry.


the mix is a bit distorted ! Lead vocal track has to much hi mid.
Btw the balance is good, reverbs too.
Just try to calm down some faders or gain buttons.


I like the balance. I also like the reverb on the vox although in may be a tad too wet. It sounds like you left the glitchy cymbals in.

Hi Everyone, i just finished my mixing revised based on what i hear on the original mixes, and all critics from u all.
hope you enjoyed this one. :v:

You can only post one entry, but you can submit revisions just to get feedback. I would bet @holster would want you to remove the poll though.

Listening to your first mix. Really nice tone on the guitar and on her vocal. The delay you have on there sounds good, but I think there is too much because it gets a little distracting to me and fights with the vocal.
The glitch cymbal is too loud. It sounds like a click track. :slight_smile: This is one of the first mixes where the yell going into the solo didn’t bother me. You’ve got it EQed and leveled just right. Sounds good! So yeah, the only real issues I have is the “glitch-click” and the delay - both minor things. And you nailed THE main thing which is her vocal track. Nicely done!

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