Wasteland - Remixed By AMALA Studio (My New Revised Mix)

Wasteland - Remixed By AMALA Studio (My New Revised Mix)
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Oops sorry, i’ve delete the poll. :smiley:


Very nice, tasteful and delicate revision. Nit picking - the kick and piano might be a little loud. But that is just a preference thing. Sounds great!


very polished mix over all - drums were well balanced, guitar was warm , vocals were on pitch.

To me, how drop chorus was handled was the defining factor of the entire mix. The whole song could be extremely well mixed but if the drop chorus doesnt work - the whole song just doesn’t work. Its like missing that critical winning shot. I think , you tamed the vocals at that moment decently. Kept it properly EQ’d and effects under control. Could have used a bit more transparent compression there with a bit of automation so the levels don’t undulate and pump through the course of the measure. Happens when release time fights with the tempo. Overall good work there.

Some simple things:
effects on the vocals were a bit on higher side, treble, distortion and delay and overall almost too loud.

44sec (word ‘tracks’ is repeated from the delay, not sure if that was intentional as it didn’t happen again)

1:12 “wasteland” delay is too much as the main vocals and harmonies clash, sibilance bounces back and forth.

1:45 - the phrase “dream about the drive” - peaks (If you have some kind of mastering chain or limiter on the whole mix, you may want to turn that back a notch as there is no headroom)

Overall I can see how much hard work you did in this mix - bravo!
My suggestion would be to remove any kind of mastering chain or compressor that sits on top of your mix as it may not be using proper parameters. Your mix is actually a beautiful one.


Hey, I found you fixed the vocal issue. I think it works way better now.
Good job!


Better now ! The thing is, it is just a bit too bright for me.
Other that and a 2 db too loud reverb bus, i love it.


already did my input previously (monitors AV40s, treated room)
this is an earbud pass (hearing on some terrible samsung earbuds)

I think its coming in too hot for my earbuds. Slight Peaks and distortion evident in multiple areas. I think taming the gain down a notch might help. Not much to add other than what was previously mentioned and mentioned by others.

ps: still impressed by the hard work you did polishing the vocals, eq and compression to get past the chorus smoothly. Great work on the kick

On your updated mix:
Peaks and distortions are no longer an issue on earbuds