Wasteland mix by red

Wasteland mix by red


hmm. I don’t want to give anything away sooo… Hit me with it I can take it. I would note that i have decided to make studio one my next DAW, since the unfortunate demise of sonar and this is my first kick at that can.


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I really like what you’ve done with this song. My only nitpicks would be to pull the snare and hi hats back a bit and the “yell” before the solo seems to have lost some emotional punch for me.


Thanks big al. I was just giving you feedback on your mix as you were listening to mine. Thanks for that feedback.


I noticed. By the way, when I opened this thread, I noticed that “Dear 1” has been here already. lol


well may we all be blessed by the dear 1 this year.


Great mix overall! Very good tonal balance and saturation and the added percussion was a nice touch. Loved the overall whispery touch of the song.

some simple things
Vocals may have been de-essed too much (noticeable lisp) and overall a bit more on the reverb than needed for the song. The chorus delay gets too long and notes go off pitch.

Great work!


Thanks for the feedback. I was trying for a kind of ambient mix with out being too wet.


Hi Red,

Strange mix. Unique.
I like that there’s clarity between the instruments and I like some creative moves like moving the kick a bit (or a beat):blush:
I am not fond of the snare hits. Way too many for this song in my opinion. They become tiring and distracting after a while.
Guitar buzz is too obvious in the intro.
Vocals sound muffled in the climax before guitar solo, as mentioned before.

Thx for sharing and good luck!


Thanks. Yeah the guitar buzz never bothered me and that bridge vocal was a struggle that i gave up on because of time. If I were mixing this for real i would have had her rerecord that part. Thanks for the feedback.


I like the delay on the main guitar but felt like it wanted to be wider to leave room elsewhere.
I didn’t really get the vocal fade outs in the first verse(0:30), and didn’t think they added much to the track. Vocals are a little dark, as is the whole mix for my taste, with a lot of action happening around the 200-300Hz mark from various elements (main guitar 221Hz, vox 243Hz, piano, 224hz) which overall makes for quite a muddy, undefined mix. I think pin pointing some of those problems around that "mud’ area would really help define your elements and open up the mix. I like you overall drum sound and could understand where you were coming from up until the second chorus hits 1:58, and I think you shot off on another tangent and kind of left the song behind, by never really resolving to a positive groove.
Really nice space in the final chorus, bv’s sound haunting.


Yeah i do like to mix dark, I also thought lines like “misery feels the sky” lent the song to a dark interpretation.

those are very specific frequencies. I can’t pin point frequencies that well so i am wondering how did you come up with those? Is there a method you could share because i think that would help me a fair bit if I could pinpoint problems like that and then clean them up.

Thanks a lot for your feedback.


Yeah sure, first loop a specific section of an instrument that feels a little problematic, for example 00:2 - 00:3 concentrating on the guitar playing the low A note, and straight away you can hear a boomy build up around 200Hz(ish). Then load a parametric eq, and with a super narrow Q, and a big, over exaggerated boost (18db) sweep around that 200-300hz area. In the case of your guitar I pin pointed the harmonic resonance at right around 221Hz (give or take). In this way, you can make super accurate cuts at specific frequencies to help carve out “mud” and other unwanted harmonics using subtractive eq . Hope this made sense.


Cool thanks.


No worries, just make sure your monitors/cans are turned right down before trying this technique. It can be hazardous to your health :wink:


Sounds great on laptop speakers ,got that chorus bang on too .


Hey red, this was a nice mix and you made some interesting additions. You really found the sweet spot on her vocal in the first verse. I loved the tone and the FX - it sounds great. However, it could have used more leveling. It was a hugely dynamic vocal, and as a result, some of the quieter moments got kind of lost. Especially later in the song as more elements are added to the music. I guess that would be my main gripe, you really pulled me in in the first verse, but I kind of lost the feeling for the song as it went on. You made some really nice additions like the drums and the guitar in the 3rd chorus, but I think they should have been more balanced vs the main vocal. But that is a preference thing. Nice job!

PS. Studio One rocks!


ha ha thanks Mike I have been enjoying some aspects of studio one a lot. I just seem to mesh with how it functions. Thanks for your feedback.


Yup! When I was researching DAWs a couple of years ago, it was down to Studio One and Cakewalk. But I found I always ended up comparing the other DAWs to Studio One. So I picked SO and never looked back. :+1:


Well that sucks about sonar good luck with studio one > Back at RR I did the same thing when they were doing that 12 month mixing contest I switched from pro-tools to reaper haven’t looked back sense.

As for the mix,

I like the intro sound with the vocals and gt.T he only thing here is the vocal could use some automating some. On the line "should I be empty by know "maybe cut the second one out and put a delay for the second one the volume of second is too low to get that FX tho. Little less de essing try it before compressing if you don’t already… overall just some automating the vocal lines more. Little less delay on the gt in this next section at (1.18) not sure maybe you took the vocal FX out to early. Interesting moving the kic off that 1 beat along with the other drums not so sure about it seems to take away from the groove tho. Drums sound like they are in a very reflective room what did you use on them?

Interesting ideas nice job!


yeah it sucks but ah well, I like change so i will embrace it. I did automate it to have that low volume funnily enough. The drums had verb suite with the warm drum space for a reverb so maybe that is what caused that sound. Thanks for the feedback.