Wasteland mix by red

Wasteland mix by red


Wow !

Unique vocals sound here ! (micro pitch shifter, quite aggressive mid, loved it)
What a nice main guitar sound. Love the distortion on it, and the delay.
For me the drums stuff is a bit weird. Everything’s allowed for me, just a matter of taste.
Drums are too loud for me.
Nice solo sound i
Your mix is so cool that I would have been happy to mix that way !
Once again : more cowbells and a bass gtr… :wink:

Cool one, sure !


Thanks for your feedback. As usual there are some things that i would change now but I am happy to hear that i didn’t screw it up totally.


Interesting spacey version, it’s totally different, but I like that. I don’t think the snare hits fit particularly well. I dig the vocal effects, though I’d cut out some more of the low-end on them. Sounds like the tempo is ramped up too much with the drum additions. And the part before the “I don’t need you anyway” sounds odd when the drums mostly disappear. The snare appears to be out of time at points during the solo too. Don’t worry, you’re still my friend.


ahh well i will keep trying. Thanks for the feedback. I thought i had cut enough of the low end of that vocal so will have to try that and see if i like that better.


Hey, very cool and personal mix you did.
I really like that you did what you had in mind and use tools needed to reach your goal. And I hope you did because it’s way different that some other regular mixes.

By the way, as previous replies said, some choices are a bit odd and I’m not sure that those really fulfil the artist’s point of view… But that isn’t the point in that case.
On the other hand, it seems to me that you may have some monitoring issues since the vocal on the first verse is too low and the arpegio guitar eats all the available headroom.
Additional drums are really on top of the mix and really hides the singer which is the most important part to me.

By the way, it’s really an interesting mix and I hope you had some fun with this track and Studio One!
Really nice job!


Thanks for the feedback.


heard once more on old Samsung Earbuds (terrible ones) - previous pass was on AV40s

Mix translated well on the earbuds, no crackles, peaks or tone issues.

some small phase issues are creeping up when heard on earbuds, it was not as evident in my first pass. One example is at
1:16s phasing (phrase “Misery still”) and a few other places

If you are layering the dry and wet signals, may want to check for phase issues that could get amplified upon mastering. If you are using send fx, try lowering the send a bit. Make sure your wet signal is wet and not partially wet.

instruments are done well, drums are great, guitar is great, overall the backtrack is actually quite wonderful.


I am sending that to an fx bus which should be 100% but i will have to have a look and see now to double check that. Thanks for the help.