Wasteland Mix by Aaron Narace

Wasteland Mix by Aaron Narace
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Apart from Slate, Soundtoys, Softube and other plugins I use, I was moved by the emotions of this song! I tried my best to get the heart of the singer out and accompanied her with the instruments panned and “reverbed” to paint the picture of a wasteland!

I had fun! Hope you guys like and enjoy!

Greetings from Trinidad and Tobago

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That sounds nice!


So far, this is my favorite mix of the ones submitted (by other people at least). Very very good. I think there’s a bit of low-midrange buildup with the vocals, particularly when the backing vocals are singing with them. I’d also prefer a little more air on the drums, mostly the snare. I would have liked something to spice up the guitar section a little too, maybe have the guitar reamped? Still trying to figure that out myself. Also, the part where she sings “I don’t need you anyway” is very out of key for the first few notes, just to point it out to people so if they wanna correct it they can.


Thank you, Jonathan!!


Thanks, CPF.

Greatly appreciate the feedback!! I’m not sure if I can re-enter… I saw something like that in the rules. lol. Anyways, good luck to you and everyone!!


Hey, your mix sounds really well balanced and I really like the stereo image you did, it works very well with the track.
During the distorted section, I found a bit mid-heavy and less opened than other sections.
I also find the low end a bit shy in your mix. I know there is no bass instrument at all (except kick drum) but it sounds like you use HPF on all tracks like it needs some room to put a bass guitar… that doesn’t exist.

By the way, very good job to me!!


Very nice.

I’d have to get down to nit-picking to have anything to comment on; even that would be personal preference.

  • the intro gtr had a bit of punch to it but didn’t seem to fit the voice until the chorus

  • the "“gtr” solo I would like brighter/more aggressive sound

  • the call and respond voice “Who knows” seemed dry compared to the other/main vocal.

…again this is all nit-picky and personal preference.


Hi Aaron!
One of the best mixes I’ve heard so far.
I think the vocals are a bit heavy on the low mids and could also use some air at the high end.
Good luck.


Everything is OK! But i think vocal delay need low pass filter and kick too boomy for me.


Nice overall color, sober mix. I just hear the buzz on guitar, no big problem. Maybe I’d have liked some more creative FX, but maybe not! :slight_smile:


I have to say man this is an excellent mix in my opinion.


Gentle, respectful mix.

panning are just great. Honestly i’d like to hear my bass gtr on you mix.

Just a really good one


Wow! This was really very nicely done. @Moa22 said it perfectly “gentle and respectful”. Your choices were just right and nothing detracted at all. I think a bass line would put it over the top. Well done!


@miked and @Moa22, thank you for such kind words! I really appreciate it!!


So far this is the mix that I’ve liked the best. Well done.


Thanks @BigAlRocks!!! Really do appreciate it!!!


absolutely loved what you did in the Chorus drop, the emphasis on the “breaths” was amazing, you brought them out and it created some great intensity!

I felt the reverb was a bit on the ‘higher’ side, even though it sounds sweet and melodious, it takes away from the intensity. I do agree that it does paint a picture of the wasteland but at times it draws attention away from the pain and dryness of it, like a soothing balm. I feel that pain is an ally in this song. Meaning of wasteland in this song is personal I believe, but that is just my preference and read for this song.

The harmonies are clashing with the reverb tails as it seems like, Like at 1:10 - 1:15

Great work, great mix over all - one of my favorites!


thank you very much @FluteCafe!


Really nice mix. I don’t like the cymbal glitch which many chose to use. but that’s my personal preference.


Great job on your mix