Wasteland Mix by Aaron Narace

Wasteland Mix by Aaron Narace
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Thank you @Tmsky69 and @painfnp1!!! Really appreciate it!!!


I find the mix to be a little muddy in the part before the drums kick in. I am also distracted by clicks and pops (28s, 33, 44, etc) I am not sure what is causing them but that needs to be cleaned up. then the end of wasteland at 1:15 that is similar. After that i start to enjoy the mix more. Thanks for sharing.


Nice balance and space throughout. The bridge section (2:50) lacked excitement for me in comparison to the rest of the mix and would have benefited from a bit more brightness on the solo guitar, 2k(ish).


already did my input previously (monitors AV40s, treated room)
this is an earbud pass (hearing all mixes on some terrible samsung earbuds)

my earbuds and your fading out ending … gave me a weird feeling in the end as if I was abducted by aliens from the wasteland (I think I have had too much wine) - still a fav mix :alien:

seemed to translate fine mostly, not much to add other than what was previously mentioned and mentioned by others.


LOL… Hope you reach back safely from your abduction… lol. Thanks @FluteCafe



I enjoyed your mix. Good balance and panning choices overall. I liked the effect choices as well.

Areas to improve (by my personal preference, of course):

I listened on monitors and headphones, and find the mix a bit heavy and slightly sharp in the mid-range overall on both, missing a bit of air on the highs and some of the low end. I am hearing the same thing on several other mixes as well, though.

This is a small criticism. Kudos for creating excellent clarity overall!.

I think the second guitar could come up in the mix a bit.

I still hear the buzz on the main guitar a bit, but it was really a bear to completely kill it.

All of these are very minor and could easily be fixed if we had more than one entry…

I pulled up two windows, level matched the songs and A/B’d against several other mixes, and yours held up very well.

I hope everybody else is listening by level matching and directly comparing to other mixes. It is the best way to hear the difference in the details.

I enjoyed your mix. Nice job, and good luck to you in the contest!

I bet it is warmer where you are today!


hey @jetwolf,

Really appreciate the comments man and yup, it’s warm and nice in Trinidad! :slight_smile: