Wasteland - JayGee

Wasteland - JayGee

Beautiful song. Please critique the mix.


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Well done. My only nitpick (personal preference) would be to bring the volume up on that guitar solo a little bit.

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Thanks for the feedback. I was wavering on that decision, but lowered the guitar solo as one my final tweaks.

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Nice guitar softness. I can feel the right hand’s fingers of the guitarist.
I prefer the second gtr on the other side, but no problem.
Loved the tone of the vocals. Smooth, no harshness. A db less sent to the verb would be better (IMHO)
Pan of the snare is uncommon, like it. Just maybe a bit “dry”, comparatively to the kick, more roomy.
The ad lib ending vocals are too loud for me.
Maybe i would have lower the HH of about 2dBs.

Really good one !

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Thanks. I like your suggestions and will definitely give them a try. Yea, the snare is a little dry and I agree with your critiques.
You guys have great ears and have nailed each one of the areas that I struggled with most.

I like the tone of the gt in the intro, not so sure about how you went about compressing it tho? The problem I’m hearing is its pumping. I think you had the threshold digging in too much and the low notes where over working it.

Things you could try is doing a narrow eq cut or low shelf around those notes and then try compressing may even running two compressors in series each taking a little away. Like the vocal sound maybe some editing out some noises (1.14-1.22). Also, some volume automation vocals gt parts etc .Not sure about the snare in the left side seems
unbalanced to me tho .

Overall, I like the ambiance, eqing and the levels where good, but a little more time on automation and compressing could of help just to touch things up.

Thanks for sharing your vision!

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Nice Trying to decide the best of all these mixings, for me, would like judging a miss universe contest :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the input. I’ll check the threshold levels on the guitar compression. Yea, definitely some more automation would be helpful in the vocal and guitar areas.

I agree that’s it hard to judge all these submissions. Each one has a quality to it that makes it difficult to judge.

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Very nice job JayGee.
My only remark would be that I’d like the mix a bit wetter.
It’s all good, great tones and seperation but I am missing a bit more ambience.
It’s a personal preference of course!

Good luck!

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First off, I think tonally, this has been one of my favorite mixes so far. You did the vocal and main guitar so well that you could have done this mix with just those. You got a really nice sound on the main guitar too - very “delicate”. (Would you mind sharing your EQ moves and FX on the main guitar?) The only things that kind of “stuck out” to me were your panning choices. It made it feel a little crowded in the middle and heavy on the right side, probably to the right because of the snare. Actually, the right panning on the snare kind of worked, but it needed something on the left to balance it. So there are just a couple of very minor things, but tonally you hit it out of the park (IMHO) and got a delicate and pleasing sound for the song.



Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks miked. Yea, my panning choice was different for sure and I just wanted to play around with some non-traditional instrument placements and probably would have made changes on a second go-around.

For the main guitar I duplicated the track and added a HASS effect to the duplicate track, a little boost at 2k and a leveler/compressor on both tracks and blended them together.


Everything is working in harmony really nicely on this one, I especially love how you’ve blended the main vocal with the l/r BV’s, sounds like absolute butter. Would have been nice to not hear those pops at 1:22 and 1:51, and I thought the compression could have been used a little more naturally on the main vox (could hear it pumping in places). Otherwise superb effort.

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Thanks for the feedback terryhesticles. I should have spent more time cleaning up the little glitches.

My favorite guitar picking sound so far! You had me at guitar :smiley:
Overall a great very well balanced mixed.

Vocals in the first 30 seconds are a bit muffled but I think they even out when other instruments come in
I think it could be a phase issue or a muddy reverb delay
Cymbal pitches are a bit a off could be from panning.

Superb work!!

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Thanks for the feedback FluteCafe. I used a HASS effect on the guitar main track and it caused other phasing issues down the road.

I like your mix

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Thanks painfnp1, I appreciate your comment.

Oh man I like the use of panning. My complaint is either the 2 buss limiter is audibly pumping or the drum buss is and it’s distracting to me.

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