Wasteland Em64 version

Hy guys, This is my idea of the song.
Error? Yes. Problem? Yes. Can I improve? Yes. but
I hope I have not slaughtered this beautiful song. and
I hope to provoke an emotion as it has given to me in arranging it.
Bye bye at all from Italy.
Upload your 320kbps mp3 of your mix here.

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I’m not crazy about the drum additions, I think the vocals are artificially boosted in the treble to the point where they’re very hard to listen to, and the whole mix lacks a lot of the bass. The vocals are also mixed too loud to where it’s really hard to hear the instrumentation going on in the background. I do like the acoustics guitars you added though. If you need help with the levels, I’d listen to @Cristina’s original mix. It’s pretty good. Or find a comparable reference track. I posted this one in another thread as being a good example of a minimal arrangement song sounding pretty good. Gradually adjust the levels until everything seems to gel, to where you can clearly hear each instrument the way you want it to be heard. If you want an instrument to be texture, bring it down to where you can barely hear it in the mix, but you can feel it. If you want something clear, bring it up to where it’s clear without overpowering the other important aspects of the mix.


Thanks CPF for your opinion, i really appreciate it.
Yes, i agree 100% with what you said.
I wanted to give an interpretation of “desert”/ Wasteland, provided I translated correctly.
The voice above everything and below in the background the rest of instruments to highlight precisely the desert.
Yes, the voice has several points where it would have been necessary to remove some annoying high frequencies. My goal was not to make the perfect mix but to give an emotion with my arrangement. So I accept the criticism more than willingly because I am aware that there are errors and problems, with my limitations.
For the drums, I love the part where the distorted guitar enters and I got the “metal” type of battery, I did it deliberately so, for better or for worse. On the rest I wanted something more animated than the original. Maybe wrong!
Thanks i appreciate, and i hope my english is correct because i don’t know very well.

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Hey, cool and different mix with lot of personal touches.
I found your mix a bit shy (quiet) I’m not sure about how to interpret desert/wasteland mixing-wise.
Your vision could be a matter of taste but it seems unbalanced because the overall level is very inconsistent between singing/no-singing parts.
CPF pointed out everything else so I’m not going to repeat them.

By the way, a very personal mix, it could match the artist wishes, good job!

The whole thing was born from the google translation of wasteland = desert.
Desert I immediately thought of Africa, the sahara desert.
The voice that dominates everything as in the desert the sand overhangs everything.
That’s why I kept the highest voice levels, a lot different music.
Everything started from this reasoning, maybe twisted and wrong and certainly from the point of view of a mixing engineer it is unbalanced.
ahahahaha all google blame … if google had translated into something else I would have made a different arrangement and a different balance. ahahaah and my fault that I do not know English well and I need external help.
Thanks, however, for your comment, I appreciate it.

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Nice story!!
Why not doing the mix that way after all?!

It’s all about point of view to me, the best thing I think is to translate the artist thing the better you could and as far as I read, there’s nothing faulty (artistic wise) in your work.

My $0.02 :blush:

I like it, but the vocals are drowning everything else out, luckily it was sang really well so it still sounds good. But man those vocals are too loud, I’d like to hear more of the background music because it sounds like you added some interesting stuff.

Here is what I liked:

drum groove
handling of the gtr solo

Here is what I would have preferred changed:

original gtr arpeggio instead of gtr strums
vox more in the mix
vox less high end
different kick drum beat and sound
volume up on “Who knows” vox

Hi italian guy from a neighbour in Greece!

I like your ideas and I think if they were a bit better implemented they would make a killer remix.
For example you could introduce the instruments you chose step by step.
The music box which I like very much, at the beginning like you did.
The strings could come in at the 2nd verse.
The rhythm drum part maybe at the solo of the guitar.
And so on…
Yes, there are also some balance issues to be addressed but good try over all!

in bocca al lupo!

Thanks guys and sorry if I get to answer only now but I have been busy and I have not had time to do it before. I have taken all the advice and suggestions you have given me and I will try to apply them in the new version of the revised and correct song. I hope to finish it as soon as possible.
Thanks again for the advice.

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I’ve got too much brightness of mix…there’re so much high mid frequencies…I prefer warm atmosphere for this track.


the mix sounds far too bright. Really strong 6k for for the vocals.
The drums you made are really too fast for my taste. Just my opinion.
The song needs more simplicity i suppose. That is not a rule, just my taste

I like the addition of the strings & such. The drums feel like they’re in double time and doesn’t feel right to me, except when it changed up in the guitar solo.

I will not repeat what others have said if i can. I like the story and your interpretation of the song. I think that some touch ups on balance would help the biggest problem and that is your overall dynamics. By bringing the instruments up at points you could have pulled the emotion of the mix that much further. Well done. Thanks for sharing.

Strings are a really nice addition here, they fit beautifully. I thought the main vocal level could have come back a long way, it just dominated the whole mix. That specific drum layout wasn’t really working for me, and felt like it need to be a lot more laid back, although I was really digging your kick sound.

I can’t say I’m a big fan of this mix, it’s super bright. I mean, painfully so. What was this mixed on? It seems like there is a lot of work to do. The drum additions I don’t like, it’s supposed to be a slow emotional song. We don’t need that uptempo thing. But the EQ choices just need to be rethought completely. Brighter does not equal better. I’d pump back in the mids and the low end just to get this thing in shape. Vocals are so loud and bright they take me out of the rest of the song.

Not feeling this one. Liked the added strings, drums not so much.

Nice arrangement

The drum arrangement just doesn’t compliment everything else to me. It seems busy for busy sake. Some of the elements seem poorly balanced to me as well.

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Nice additions. The mix is a lil weak though! Need more warmth with the instruments…