Wasteland Em64 version

Wasteland Em64 version
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Hi guys,
this is the beauty of music, so many heads, so many ideas and so many ways to see it. I do not know which is the right one, I go instinctively and I do what my ears allow me. :-).
Sure I have no pretensions but to have fun, but I appreciate all the comments.
I’ve made a new version and I have to see if I can load it. Surely it is different from the first but I do not think it is still great, but I enjoyed playing with my daw and my plugins. By the way I’m very sorry for the choice of Gibson not to develop Sonar (my daw). Too bad, but I understand that it has become very difficult to add something to it when it has everything. Happy new year at all the world.



hard contest to judge with a decent mix to begin with … so I had to use one my own cooked up methods to come out with a fair rating. I have broken my feedback into scores and categories as Mix Engineering Related and Non Mix Engineering Related.

Non Mix Related (half weight)
Feeling (emotion delivered)
Score: 3/5

The song itself had a lot of emotion to begin with so an easy 3 here, why not 5… I think the poppy compression, additions and vocal effects are taking a bit away from the emotional setting of the song.

Creativity (additions and their effectiveness)
Score: 2/5
The additions were super cool, the drums and the movement is great +2 for that
as for effectiveness the additions have given it a cover/performance vibe to it instead of original song which is a major dive in effectiveness.

Mix related (full weight)
aesthetics (effects)
Score: 7/10
Overall the aesthetics were very great. No effects stood out as harsh or overdone.
Harmonies get a bit muffled half way through, not enough resonance in the harmonies
Track could have used a bit more width, feels a bit restricted.

Balance (tone, levels, clarity)
Score: 7/10
Good saturation and richness.
The drum additions are effecting the tone and clarity, slight phasing is making the vocals seem like she has a cold, could also be too much high end. If the vocals were formant shifted, you may want to tweak with it a bit more .

Total score: 6.33 calculated using partial weight method as [(3+2) +7 +7 ]/3]


hi @Em64 , in your updated mix The acoustic guitar is too loud in the new mix, considering it was a bit too quiet on the older one. I think maybe we can find middle ground. The strings you added were great, they are not as apparent in the new updated mix.

vocals sounds like they are peaking at the chorus and are also dangerously high on the treble (as noted by others in the thread) .

I had a hard time connecting with the song emotionally, I think it could be the vocals.

I would definitely revisit the mix one more time, you might have to alter faders on all tracks to get the vocals to the proper level. You have a good “live performance” vibe going with the drums and guitar, you could get her vocals to a live ambiance type setting with basic compression, minimal warming eq and a bit of live room reverb on the mix.

Definitely a very creative mix.


Thanks FuteCafe for your valuable advice. Correcting one mistake after another will I come to approach a decent mix? I hope so and I will count on it!


thanks AlphaVictor for your valuable advice. And as mentioned also to FluteCafe, correcting one mistake after another I will come to approach a decent mix? I hope so, and I can count on it and you have also given me a step by step report. A further incentive to improve.


I apologize if I have not replied to someone directly, I read all the advice and judgments and I try to treasure it even if I lose some answers in the street. This is a hobby for me, a very enjoyable pastime. I like to hack with all my playground.
I also hope that what I say is understandable and above all I hope it is in proper English as I help with google translator.


Hey, I really some like enhancements in your revised mix and it means you understand what feedbacks spoke about so that you get “better” mixes in the future.

The downside of trying to “fix” a mix is you could break the balance you did.
I think this is what @FluteCafe talked about since it isn’t balanced that way in your first mix.

To me, you should try to get some “pro” mixes in that genre into your session so that you flip from one mix to another and see how a “pro” mix sounds thru your speakers.
Getting a good (and raw) balance very early in the mixing stage is something that avoid overprocessing, which is something top guys always talked about (and I’m sure it’s the way to do it).

By the way, it’s another flavors of your mix, thanks for sharing that!!


thanks ncls