Wasteland - 974dB Mix (with bass add)

Hello everybody, nice to meet all of you.

That song is beautiful. Really, with a lot of space for creativity.
I was not afraid to be heavy on the FX side, added a track, but I mostly tried to emphasis what was there.

I hope you will like it, I hope you will be nice with me, see you soon.

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Good job. You succesfully did it. I’ll have to listen later before the feast, it’s only three in the morning here, so I hope you understand why I can’t hop on it right now.

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I understand @CPF, have a good night!

EQ wise sounds like there’s a bit of a mid scoop, which I usually dislike, but it works here. The vocals on this song are very breathy, I’d give an attempt to cut down on the treble that is introduced as a result. The ambience guitar comes in a bit loud to me, and I wouldn’t pan it left since there’s a ton of reverb on it from the tracking. I agree with adding that bass, it thickens that motherfucker up some. The lead vocals get buried some during the last chorus what with all the instrumentation going on. Overall, good job!

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Total agree with the panning of the ambiance guitar, that’s a mistake I saw right after posting. If I could I would center it as I wanted too, but made a mistake in my automation.
Maybe I can post another one? Or keep it if this is the rule, you tell me.

Anyway, thank you for your comment! @CPF

If this was meant to be your final mix, you can’t change it. If you just wanted feedback I’m sure the moderators aren’t going to disqualify you for not understanding the rules.

I am an honest guy.
I said I would post once, I did.
Made my mistake. My fault.
Go for it.

But such a beautiful song @Cristina, I am sorry. :slight_smile:

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The bass doesn’t seem to gel properly with the rest of the song, but adding bass was a good idea. The main guitar has so much hum at around 250Hz I was wondering if that was supposed to function as the bass. The snare doesn’t have as much depth as it could, though the samples are partially responsible. A bit on the clicky sound. Sounds very balanced though, you’ve clearly done this before.

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Hey, it’s the first mix with added bass and this is somehow what the tracks need… but individual mileage may vary :slight_smile:
Your mix sounds really well but different than the provided mix. I really like your work with ambiance. It also seems that you did a lot of automation and so, the song get more movements that way.
Mixing wise, I found your mix being shy on low, like you use too much hi-pass filter and the result is guitars and vocals sound too thin to me. It lacks of that intimacy the song required I think.

By the way, really nice point of view of this song, good job!

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Thank you very much ncls.
For your comments about my mix, and for pointing the need of a poll too.
I hope someone will click somewhere on that poll. :slight_smile:

good work

Thank you @Em64!
Maybe you could use the poll if you like…
See you soon Bruno. :slight_smile:

i did it :+1::blush:

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I like the overall result, nice job adding the bass, althought i would personally make it more present / in your face bass sound.

Tom hit is way too laud which makes the chorus feel a bit small.

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Nice mix. You added a lot with the delays and such. I especially liked the effects on the vocals going into “don’t need you any more” with a rising filter effect and the drums during the gtr solo.


  • tom hit at 1:57 was jarring
  • would prefer a bit more clarity on the bass
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That Tom! Whoa!! Too :muscle::muscle::muscle:

I very like the modulations ideas! Also mix is good.

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i like the ideas you had. The bass is maybe too “complex” for the song.
Just take care of the tonal balance. Generally bass a bit low and heavy hi mid there.
Probably some room problems.
Just try to reference to avoid that issue.

Nice creativity !!!

Well most of the issues have been mentioned so I will just say that i find that wavy effect could have been more effective if it were used in only a few places. I like the bass idea. I might add bass to my mix if i have the time. Thanks for sharing.

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I dig the delay on the main guitar. To me, the backing vox kind of overpower the main vocal in spots. The delay on the drums is interesting.

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