Video Game music

Video Game music


So I’ve composed music for a few indie films, which I enjoyed immensely, and found that it stretched the ol’ music theory noggin’ a bit. I wanted to take it a step further when I was outbid for my chance to be a Blizzard Games intern a couple or three years ago.

With that in mind I got up with some Navy buddies of mine who are programmers/coders now to create an app game to see where that went. We settled with cutting our mobile app-coding teeth with a class game some might know as Othello or Reversi…but with a distinctly 80’s vibe and graphic scheme. (Yeah, kinda odd, I know. But we’re just feeling things out)

We’re currently in the middle of coding, but I’ve gotten a sketch of a song I’m going to flesh out more of and make a theme around. I’ll post more when I write them.

Skybound Timbers


please do! This is one area of music that I think many don’t consider just how big it can be. I’d love to hear more about how this all progresses for you. I’m HIGHLY interested!!


I’m sorry, I tried to make that window thing you did in the last post, but I have no idea.


if you just post the URL on its own line, it’ll automatically embed the page, video, player, etc.


No need to hit the “link” button, unless that’s how you want it to display. Hope that helps!


Whaaa??!??!! What witchcraft is this? Noted for future reference though, thanks a bunch!


right? It’s the beauty of using modern forum software. I sure love how they set this software up. It’s nice on the admin side of things too. A TON of features.


Yes! Please keep us all posted on your progress. Such an interesting area to explore and shed some light on. The tune is intriguing also .


So far I’ve really just been waiting for the coders to get a basic idea of what’s going on. The music won’t be too hard, but I believe that the hard part will come when the sound design starts (EFX). I will certainly update as I get more completed.


Thanks ! This would make a great article too…keep that in mind. Keep us posted (or else! Ha!)


I certainly will. Once it’s complete I can do a write-up of the steps I took. Maybe someone can look over it and see how a person could streamline the process because I’m just going off of cursory training.


Cool stuff. It has got the vibe of an 80’s video game with the increased quality of being done in the 2010’s.


What middleware engine do you use?


Hey Chase, this is good stuff! Totally on-point for game music IMO. It provides some background tension while not being too obtrusive, and manages to avoid being too repetitive, which all vid game music ultimately will be, it just can’t be avoided.

Looking forward to the continuing saga on this!


I have experience with Wwise, but the coder guys are experimenting with Kivy and Panda3D. They’ve told me that they accept just about all formats for music.


That’s pretty cool. Wwise user here too. I work in Nuendo. It has the middleware engine built strait into the DAW. Speeds things up a little :smiley:


Sounds like a game tune to me! Cool stuff! :slight_smile:


Part 2


I’m liking this second one quite a bit. I’m getting curious to see the game!


I’ll be honest, it’s going to be our first dive into making mobile games at all, so it’s going to be fairly elementary, haha! That being said, I’ll post once it’s finished!


Please do! We can help give good reviews to get you guys started :wink: