Video Game music

Video Game music


Nice, haha! I’ll have to keep that in mind!


Hey @Taomine, are you guys working in Unity?


Hey, from my conversations with the programmer he’s using Python for all the programming. He’s used Unity in the past, and I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing what Unity is like. I’m abysmally under-educated with the programming side of the house.


I have done a little in both UE4 and Unity and I like both but i do find that UE4 has a more intuitive workflow for my style. I do believe that it is very much like the discussion of which DAW to use it really comes down to your personal workflow more than any thing else (even though there are other issues for both programs.)


How are things progressing so far with the game?


Hey, sorry about the extremely late reply! The programming is coming along as the coder can between work and life (we’re going about this very casually, haha!) and the music is complete. Once we get to beta I’ll update once again!


Link to the music on soundcloud


Nice :smiley:


Very cool Taomine. Video game music is definitely on my radar. Great to see you diving in:)


It’s my first foray into the world of game music. It only really started because an old shipmate of mine wanted to try his hand at coding an app, so I said I could record some easy-peasy music for it. So yeah, it will have plenty of opportunities to fall on its ass, hah!