Under the hood of a Commercial Video Game Production (New Score "Maiden Voyage")

I occasionally dabble, and I have a few jazzy sounding bits of songs laying around, but it’s only “fake jazz”. I’m not enough of an instrumentalist to pull off “proper” jazz… and I think I’m just not that into it as a genre of music…Whenever I “try” to play it or chase it down, it just feels slightly disingenuous of me, because it isn’t really what lights me up, musically.

I have a good friend who is actually a bonafide jazz bassist and composer, with multiple albums to his credit… He really LOVES it, and it’s totally him. Although I appreciate the virtuoso level of musicianship and musical knowledge required to play it, it’s just not really me.

…I mean, I love me some Steely Dan, but that’s not really jazz either… still, sometimes it’s fun to fake it!

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so you were actually panning and pitch shifting to recreate doppler effect from scratch? that is fascinating. There are plugins for it now but they weren’t back then.

I think the timing has a lot to do with it. While it may not be the case then, but today videos like this are social media magnets. If a video like this was released on the proper social sub, it would explode. This kind of genre is called “stylized”. Stylized gaming and animations is a huge market today(whopping 100 billion). If these graphics and animations were to be turned into a video game today, it would do very well. There are advantages and disadvantages to being a bit anachronistic. You are either ahead of your time, or right behind it. It is frustrating, but you never know.

I have heard that term quoted before, but I have been curious about it. I have studied jazz but what really is fake jazz? is it fake because the established jazz standards were not followed? or is it a psychological state of mind that is different for traditional jazz musicians over the crossovers?

Though Post 1950 Jazz standards are quite relaxed. “Milestones” is a classic example of this. It broke a few traditions and yet still established itself as a standard in itself.
If I heard your composition along with my favorite classic jazz tracks, I would be tricked. I definitely wouldn’t be calling it fake jazz lol

Yes… I wasn’t aware of any other way to do it - it seems simple enough…

Haha, so true… either that or “DEAD on time!”

In my mind, it is when musicians who have not devoted their life to playing and studying it invoke the tropes and superficial stylistic earmarks of the genre (complex chord clusters, swung phrasing etc) in their music, but in a very calculated & “composed” way.

Jazz is first and foremost an improvisatory artform - spontaneous, collective composition. It’s a highly nuanced “musical conversation” between musicians with an extensive & sophisticated musical vocabulary. To actually do that “for real” is a virtuoso-level pursuit.

… so yeah, when I say “fake jazz”, I mean something contrived to sound like it is improvised, but which actually isn’t.

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Abduction would’ve been a more interesting story. Thats for sure :laughing:
I’ve had so much going on with work and homelife that music had to go to the backburner for a season. Good to see you’re around too! :slight_smile:
I’d love to learn more about some of what you’ve learned over the last couple years!

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New Score, Maiden Voyage
The vision:
The score “Maiden Voyage” captures the mixed feelings of the crew of a dreadnought class ship setting sail for the very first time. From preparation to foremast…to sail.
Vision is to capture the uncertainly of the crew to their romance with the first ocean spray.
Eventually drifting into the calm of the sea.

please take a listen and let me know what you guys think :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Sounds just like you described it. I can picture those bow waves hitting with each of those impacts. Sounds perfect… What is the instrument at the end, btw?

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Great epic sound, bass drum? The change at 2:00 is very effective, the calm of the sea, very nice. I’m not feeling the uncertainty at the beginning though.

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Thanks Andrew! That instrument is a hurdy gurdy played by a friend of mine.

Thanks for the listen Ingo. The drum sound is a 36 inch Bergerault concert bass drum, with soft felt mallet. I had these recorded at a university concert hall a few months back during a visit. I have used parallel compression and layered it with a 24 inch bass drum and a kontakt timpani to get the sound I was looking for.

I was hoping to get the uncertain/eager/nervous feeling by using the drums and the dominant inversion on the staccato strings. I could try a bit of mezzo piano tremolo on the violas to intensify it a bit…possibly without overdoing it hopefully. Thanks for the heads up

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Very cool! Did you use a zoom recorder or did they have a studio?

That’s all good but the big bass drum opening just doesn’t seem uncertain IMHO.

Ingo makes a good point - I missed the part about uncertainty… Sus4 chords are always good for uncertainty. Some more tentative percussion may be in order…

I was wondering if it was that… Cool!

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There you go, dims too and the tremolo strings she mentioned.


Added Tremolo Violas at 16s marker. Dims were adding a fear element and adding more drama than needed. Needed it to be a bit subtle.

I didnt do the recording myself but I asked the stage mic’ing sound tech and he used (afaik) a high Sound pressure level, extra large diaphragm AKG TL condensor microphone (stage and hall) that records low rumbles very well.

Good ear there!

Thank you both for listening closely and giving feedback!


Nice. Sail on! :sailboat:

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Sounding :+1:

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