Timo Carlier, The Road Ahead [extract]

Hey, here is another mix trying and testing another workflow.
This time there’s more guitars and vocals.
I tried to get an intimate and roomy sound, did I get it? :confused:

So any feedback is welcome

I’m not positive what you mean when you say “intimate and roomy sound”. I am assuming “roomy sound” means lots of ambience. Regardless, you’ll need someone with better ears than me to tell you what’s “wrong” with this mix, because it sounds great to me. :grin: Cool song too, I like the guitars and hand drums.

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Thanks for your feedbacks!
The main idea is having the band in a small room (with lot of ambiance) close to the listener.
And yes, I’m not very confident that “roomy” word exists :stuck_out_tongue: (not that one by the way)

By the way, if the mix is ok for you, it’s also a valid feedback IMO.
The song comes from the great Mike Senior library, as usual, but I only use the extract so that I could minimize automation and track counts (easier with hardware I think).

Again, thanks for your comment I do appreciate!

I think it sounds pleasant, though I don’t know how it sounded earlier. Sounds nice. No words of advice from me.


Nothing to do with the mix, but strangely enough I used to actually work with Timo Carlier years ago… strange that I see his name in a audio mixing forum!!

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Seems to me that you have nailed what you were after.

So, maybe try to work on how you should eq your ambience tracks - just like reverb… roll off top end and low end with hpf/ lpf and also cut some 1kHz or maybe a touch lower if its too dirty or the room is really big. Add as much as you like in, its great for natural width… Just don’t let it ruin your tonal balance. Oh and trhe intimate part comes from the (probably a touch of high mids, some very light top end and a tiny touch of fat low end) captured very close to the source. You see what we just did there? Hope that helps.

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“Roomy” works for me. :blush:

I do like the intimate feel to this. Crisp, up front, both vocals and guitar.

More percussion please, though. I can’t tell, is that a djembe? Bring that up a touch.

Absolutely love the balance, eq and placement of guitars and vox.

Really nice, IMHO. Eager to hear the whole song.

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This was going to be my critique as well but I wasn’t sure about the “roomy” descritpion - which is just fine, I might add. As a “mix,” I think it’s done really well. But if he’s going for “listening to the band in a room”, then I think the percussion could come up and the vocal come down a little so they feel like they are all in the same space playing together…


Thanks for your comment and taking the time to have a listen and add some words.

Ok then, thanks for your comment, I wish I didn’t mess too much with the song :slight_smile:

Many thanks for sharing your thoughts!
I tried all of these but it seems that I didn’t reach them all :stuck_out_tongue:
Again, thank your for your comment!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!
The percussion track was titled " hand drum"… not that very verbose.
To me, it sounds like a darbuka but I’m not sure at all :slight_smile:
Again, thanks for sharing ideas!

Thank your for adding details here. Nice comment, I’d try to add all of these in the revised mix!

Fun fact of the day: I wanted to revise the mix and added things from comments in the thread but I messed up with the tools and deleted all settings regarding that mix and another one… it’s part of the learning curve of those tools and this workflow :stuck_out_tongue:

So I have to redo the mix, more or less matching what I had (or not?) and coming back and to see how it sounds from your perspective.

Again, I wish to thanks all of you for your comments and taking the time to have a listen.

Hey there,

It sounds great and balanced, the only thing that could use a touch up in my opinion is the congas: they are sticking out of the mix a bit too much to my taste. They are centered and sound liberally compressed, I would have placed them out of the way because the guitar already plays an important rhythmic part so it doesn’t sound to me as if they need to be so prominent.

The ambiance doesn’t sound roomy to me. Well it does if you’re thinking of a very large room but I’m picturing a small concert hall rather than an small, intimate room when I hear your mix. It sounds great though, just not as you described it.

A bit latter…
After deleting the mix file, here is another attempt, dunno if it’s better of not :confused:

Any feedbacks are welcome!

Much better! This is a cool little song. Like the vocals and the arrangement.

I still say, more of the percussion. Reference this piece from Emmylou Harris.

I just love the acoustic guitar and djembe/cajon/bongos (I can’t tell what that is). Make it louder, please. :slight_smile:

Also, I’m thinking a smidge of a cut in the low-mids/bass area. There’s a tad of a ring at about 300. And it feels a bit muddy to me.

So, just messin’ with this a bit (cuz I really like it):

I did a 3.5 dB cut at 160-ish, and a 2 dB cut at 300. Thoughts?

Also, I’d like to hear the rest of this song, please! Very nice. Do you have this on an EP or anything?


Thanks for replying again on this thread!
I see what you mean with your reference, thanks for sharing the track by the way.
I used Loser from Beck as my reference and it ends as I did (so quieter on drums, whatever it is/they are).
Thanks for sharing EQ settings to get your result, I’ll try it.

The song isn’t mine, it comes from the great Mike Senior’s library, there is his full mix of the song (way better than mine obviously).

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Yeah, @Tesgin has done a great job of pinpointing the issues here. It’s amazing the difference a few strategic eq cuts can make - nice!

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What I really find interesting is on one hand when I listened to the additionnal EQ you did and I found the result a bit light on low end, with not enough guts… more or less how I felt with your lastest mix.
On the other hand Andrew agrees with your thoughts ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

At the end, I did some EQ as you suggested but only on the track (only 6 here) that could bring the most of it…
Is it working the way you see it, tell me:

Again, many thanks for taking the time to listen to this and commenting!

Still no happy with the previous result, this time I use a multiband comp to catch muddiness on lead vocal trying not to kill main guitar tone… (which are on the same track).

Is this attempt file better than previous mixes, let me know!

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Thank you for the reviews! Now your latest mix: per usual, everything sounds very good to me! I now listened to the second to the last mix: it is louder, but a little boomier (plus it had an unwanted click at -0:06); I like the latest mix better overall!

Thanks for your review, I really appreciate!
I tried listening to the offending click at 0:06 but didn’t able to get it…
Whatching carefully the waveform and I only found one hand percussion at the time position :confused:

Again, thanks for stopping by!