The Last 5% - Scheps Omni Channel Mix - Falling Apart

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Here is the completed mix with “the last 5%”

That’s a damn awesome mix!! Wow. Was the phasing baked in or did you add it to the empty slot on the plugin?

If I get the Omni Channel will it make my mixes sound like this?

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Thanks for posting the finished version Andrew! Listening back and forth between the two versions, I definitely hear that the finished version has that certain something extra, but I’m damned if I can articulate what it is. There are the obvious things, like the “telephone” effect on the vox a bit after 1:30 and the more pronounced modulation on the rhythm guitars during minute 2. But overall there is an added clarity and punch, especially in the low & low-mids, they just gel better. But the highs are crisper and clearer too. Bringing that flangey-phasey thing back full force right at the end is very effective to grab the attention.

In general, that last 5% was well worth the effort! Takes it to that next level. :star_struck:

So the big question, is this still mostly with the Scheps plug, or did you bring in others?

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Thanks Mike. The Flanging was courtesy of Blue Cat Audio’s free “BC Flanger” plugin. As I said above, I did use a few extra plugins other than the Scheps Omni Channel.

I just listened to your mix contest mix , and if that is any indication, I reckon you’d be able to do a killer mix with or without the Scheps Omni Channel!

Thanks Dave - I made very few adjustments to the overall balance eq etc. It was mainly just adding effects along with pretty comprehensive volume and effect automation… but all those little moves do add up.

It is a real effort vs result equation. To get that last 5% from the mix actually takes about half the time again that it took to get the track to the stage it was at in the first mix. That said, this was a pretty quick mix… I’m getting faster these days.

As I said right at the start, I used other plugins, mainly to do jobs that the Sheps Omni Channel couldn’t: Melodyne to tune the vocals, Waves’ H-Reverb, Abbey Road Plate, Maxxbass, L1, L2 & SuperTap delay, IK’s CSR Inverse Reverb, Boz’s Imperial Delay, Sasquatch Kick Machine & The Wall, Reaper’s ReaDelay, ReaGate, ReaEQ & JS White Noise Generator, D16’s Repeater Delay, Antares Autotune FX (for a delay send only) & AVOX Duo, Soundtoys’ Little Alter Boy, Little Primal Tap & Little Microshift, UAD SPL Transient Designer, Blue Cat Audio BC Flanger & Guitar Rig 4.

That may sound like a lot of extra plugins, but if you look at the screen-shot, you’ll see just how extensively the Omni Channel was used.


Thanks for all the details Andrew! Totally agree about the effort/result ratio getting larger the closer one gets to the finish line. True in so many parts of life… been working on the final revisions on a couple of papers after review and it totally applies there too.

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The track sounds great CRS, and I appreciate that you take the time to detail your approach and demo the Sheps plug for us, it’s all great info and good listening too.

Just curious, if you were to do this mix with the stock plugs from Reaper (or whatever DAW), could you get close to this or would it be impossible?

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No worries Dave.

Thanks Ingo… Yes, I’m pretty sure it could be done with stock plugs - It would take longer, though.