That's What They Said About 'Nam - need some tips please

That's What They Said About 'Nam - need some tips please

Yep, agreed, lot of good stuff in your work.
Matching one genre and mastering all tricks it requires is a hard task and from what I remembered in that genre, your recording, writing, producing and mixing nail it just right.
Very interesting to listen to and to read!

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That Deftones song above is a great reference . It is noisy and tastefully clumsy, yet you can hear each element. I am not sure if vocals were the centric piece of it. The drum attack is great, the snare is punchin with energy and the kick is great, guitar tones are good too… and to capture that on a youtube stream is super even after a 7 DB squash on youtube. Points for that.

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Yep, that works really well!

Hi Dan, the new version is much improved. Overall it has just as much attitude, but it sounds bigger, wider, fuller. The vocals sit much better in the mix too. Just much better overall. Well worth the effort.

BTW, the chorus of this track is super-catchy. I had been listening to it the other night, and as I was going off to sleep, I had this melody in my head, and I thought “Now, what song is that?” It just kept coming back to me over and over… and then, suddenly, the words came back too “I’ll just wait here…”, and it hit me “That’s Dan’s song!”

Nice work!

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Thanks mate! Appreciate it!

Thanks. I want it to be jarring but in a good way. this should have some looseness and rawness but also some production quality. I want to be able to produce more regular releases with this project more often, but I don’t want it to be jarring where people can’t listen to it from start to finish - I’m a massive fan of the above band, Whores., and whilst it is gracefully imbalanced, it doesn’t fatigue me at high volumes! I’m after a similar feel here.

In regards to anger, this is probably the least aggressive of the bunch. I have steadily but quite quickly learned to sing in the desired aggressive way I’m after since doing this song. I hope to have them all finished soon.

It’s funny and great that you say that. I have been re-reading Mixerman’s (I assume I allowed to mention his name here… :wink: ) “Zen and the Art of Mixing”. I got a lot out of it on first read and again, it is reminding me of a few things I had either forgotten or neglected a few things - one of which was about what was the most important aspect of the mix, which may or may not be the vocals. In this particular project, I want the guitars to be the driver, the vocals are more of an instrument than something to be upfront as such. At the same time, I don’t want them buried either… Your comment just reaffirms my initial thoughts.

That’s funny, because I took your initial comment to be in regards of my second version anyway!!! I ended up running the Deftones and my mix through SPAN (spectral analyser) and they were remarkably similar which is great I guess. In both there is a big scoop in the mids.
I’ve actually gone and made some of the changes you mentioned since your comments and the second mix. there are a couple of fairly minor changes I am planning on making but overall I am happy with what it’s doing. Then I will be saving many of the settings and FX chains to apply them to the other songs and adjust as needed.

Interesting and flattering! I don’t intend on the vocals to be catchy per se (nor do I want them to be NOT catchy either though!) but I’m glad it had an impact.
I will likely post the whole EP when it’s done for a final review, more on the issue of finding out if it is too fatiguing over the long haul.

Thanks for the great feedback ad comments again!

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dan (the) man is a (rocker),
Tension filled intro. Glad when the bass and drums kicked in. Some guitar riffs and vocals are a bit repetitive, but otherwise a cool song. Audio quality is good, as are the vocals. Nice drums. I think the kangaroos would approve. Good job! :slight_smile:

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Thanks @aaron_aardvark !
The intro is weird as I often hear it backwards before the drums and bass come in… not sure if others have that happen too, which was kind of the aim.

Yeah, I’m trying not to think too hard with these songs in this project. I have a tendency to over do lyrics so that they don’t repeat a lot, even in choruses and so this project has more repetition in general in smaller packages.

That’s great to hear as the vocals were my biggest worry but they seem to at the very least not be terrible. The drums are my good mate and band member hammering them out pretty much in two takes (as he did with most of the songs as I want them pretty raw and on edge mots of the time with this project) on the electronic kit and then I constructed a kit on Slate Digital Drums that fit the style the way I felt best.

Quite funny actually, that were I live, we get kangaroos in our back yard often. So whilst you joke, they may actually have formed some form of opinion on the matter!

I replied to your private message by the way.

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Ok, given that the second song I posted was getting a few comments saying there was a harshness, guitars and vox mainly, I went and cut a few 3-5k from the lead guitar and vocals. There were not many comments on this one regarding that as an issue but I figure it will add up over 5 songs.

Using eMastered, I also pushed the loudness a little more too. I’m ok with the slightly crushed feel for this project, but if it’s lost impact, I’ll revert to only slightly pushed levels.

I am not sure if there will be much discernible difference between the last mix and this, I am finding it pretty hard to tell.

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It seems like your vocal is sitting lower in this mix and therefore blending better. I’m extremely tired and it’s possible I’m just hallucinating, though.

I’m only listening with my laptop speakers, but this sounds quite good. I like that industrial vibe you’re getting on this! Reminds me of the bands that my brother used to crank up when we would cruise around in his truck, back in the 90’s. Bands like Machines Of Loving Grace and Ministry and Prong. Very overdriven and dark.

I need to give this a listen through a pair of headphones once I’ve caught up on sleep. I can barely remember my name right now.