Splice Contest - bash away

Hey folks, Splice is having a mix contest here:

This is my take:

I’ve got maybe enough fortitude left for another revision and already hear a few things I might address, but sooner or later it’s time to be “done”. Still, I’d love to hear some input.

Of note on this mix, I tried out the “Backwards Compression” on the vocal from this discussion.

While the initial results were “questionable” at best, I still used the backwards compressed track as a parallel vocal with some “darker” EQ and FX to add presence to the main vocal…

Anyone else doing this contest?

Really nice, Mike. Man, that gal has a voice. I really like your dynamics and balance of instruments. It sounded a little different on my monitors than thru my phones (my new Sennheiser HD600’s, BTW!).

On my monitors (KRK VXT4’s) things sounded just a tad muddy. Almost a reverby kind of thing. I didn’t get that at all in my phones though.

TBH, I think that might actually be in the original recording: when I solo her voice on the original it seems like the high end is dampened. I’d like a bit more “brilliance” on her voice, but that’s not something you can do much about. I wonder if a few dB of high shelf in the 6-9 K range might do the trick. Might go for a touch less verb on her vocals, but that’s just me. I’m more a fan of slapback delay than verb on vocals.

Other than that, I have no thoughts. It sounds really nice. Ya done well!

I saw this contest too and was thinking of having a run at it, but that’s a lot of tracks! How long did it take you?

Oh, and one last question: mibby?

Haha! Well, I couldn’t find a combination with “mike” that wasn’t already taken! My second name is Bryan, so “m-b” …“mibby”! :grin:

You picked up the Sennheiser HD600’s? How do you like them?

Thanks for the feedback. I did pile on the reverb. It’s a deceptively “simple” song and I thought it could use some more space and ambience. I may have overdone it. And the vocal was a little challenging too. But I’ll check that out - thanks!

Honestly, there are going to to soooo many entries I think it’ll just be a random drawing for the winner. But it was good practice. You should go for it. Try a “speed mix”. :slightly_smiling_face:

Cool, mibby.


The Sennheisers are awesome. Very flat response. I do love my Grados, but there’s no question, as is true of most audiophile headphones, the Grados do embellish the sound too much. The Sennheisers are very clean sounding. In fact, when I load their profile in Sonarwork’s Reference 4, there’s hardly any difference. Very cool. I’m sure it’s gonna help my mixing.

You know, maybe I should enter the contest. Great suggestion, a speed mix. Do you recall when the last day is for entries?

Thanks for the reply. One of these days I’ll pick up some open-backed headphones just for reference sake.

Deadline is May 13th. Better get crackin’! :wink: I enjoyed the song and it’s a fun one to mix.