Song done...Thanks for your patience Stan and Bob you guys rock...literaly

acoustic with fx on one side and electric on the other…ruff demo start

I changed from politics to being a pimp of sorts. ha ha Any comments would be fun and helpful. the demo is crude so far.

Im not blaming any demons anymore, my addiction is all on me.
I never use reverb. Most of my stuff is too mild. I messed today and made it a little rad with verb saturation. Can’t even hear the lyrics now. It was fun tho. Have to set some levels now . Might keep the vibe, might try something new.

I tamed it a bit and now added some wierd chords, bass and toms for the bridge. Need something to say or sing there now. Also get a better solo break lead.

Changes some lyrics and low harmonies. Added a radio voice to the not done bridge. Thru the track I had let the low E note ring with the riff. At the outro I didn’t and it seemed much sharper?? Anyhow much tweeking, but it’s almost there. Not my best, but they all seem fun anyway.

Ooo that thrill alt Em A Em G D Em chorus G D AmEmC D Em

I have tried everything …down my throat and up my nose to get high… Em

I Begged and stol’d and some I rolled …there was no way I’d be denied Am Em

consumed with desperation… this is how I’m gonna die B7 Em (G D Em)

Ooo that thrill from a tiny pill… to ease this crumbling life of mine A E

Ooo that thrill this needle brings I can’t stop I’m runnin out of time… A B7

Nothing good will ever come …from friending a dispicable demon Em

A huge mistake to trust him when he told me just how good I’d be feelin A Em

There ain’t no way of turning back…I’m pointin to myself the only reason B7 Em

Who’ll tell yur mother of your sister or your brother weird chord bridge

that yur hooked on drugs and you can’t say no

What about the craving and who will do the saving

when ya just ain’t got no place to go…who’ll be there


If you added slide guitar to double the accented chords on 2 and 4 you’d have a bit of a Zeppelin feel in it. Lots of ways you can go with this.


Hey Bob Good to hear from you. This was just a riff I messed with watching late night tv. I recorded the acoustic at midnight and then the next morning decided to temporarily leave it there. It is an Em hammering the low G and then the low Bb then DC# slide down. Easy to do and might not be copying any other artist.

I can try a little slide tomorrow. Had to go celebrate our 53 aniv today. ha ha
Just wondering if this is metal, rock, dark etc. After I find that out I will start on lyrics. Thanks for listening ole friend

Hi feaker,
Great stuff.
I am excited to see where this demo heads to.
Standing by to hear the product!!!

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I really like what you came up with. I might call it Hard Rock, or perhaps Heavy Metal in the Zeppelin sense (which is different than Modern Metal like Metallica and Megadeth), though it has a strong Grunge element like Alice In Chains, which is a band I really like from the Grunge era.

The drums really hit home, best drums I have heard in your stuff I think. What I have heard in 41 seconds is really cool. I’d love to hear a whole song evolve from that. I always like your ‘heavy’ stuff as I’m a Hard Rock / Heavy Metal kind of guy, and when your vocals are low and dark. Your high vocals in other songs are very sweet and endearing, very unique in a way too, for acoustic type songs, though that’s a separate genre IMO.

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Just another thought. I noticed the 3 dots on the right side of the music player and tried your demo at 1.5 “Playback speed” and it has an interesting and different feel to it. Just thought you might be interested. I can relate to the slower tempo … when I first started writing music 40 years ago a fellow musician told me I created a new genre called “Thick Metal” because of the slow tempo and thickness of the sound! :joy: This reminds me of that after comparing ‘Normal’ speed to 1.5 speed. I do think that commercial Pop/Rock music uses very fast tempos because that catches peoples interest and ‘sells’, so it may be artificially fast. As the pace of society gets faster and faster, it seems you have to be very quick to grab and retain peoples interest. That’s what the “rat race” does to people.

Ha, you’ve really got me going now! I thought of these songs in relation to your demo, though yours does sound like a unique riff, these resonated to the melody and vocal elements you had.

This called to me, related to your demo, though your drums are even heavier interestingly (and Tommy Lee is a renowned Heavy Metal drummer). Also, according to Mötley Crüe this is (despite the pentagrams) supposed to be an anti-Devil song.

This is a great Alice In Chains song, which also features some slide guitar in the intro, like Bob suggested. It also reminded me of your melody and vocals. Just some ideas to consider.

It reminded me of Politician by Cream. Heavy older blues rock. As someone above said, Zepplin-like almost. I think a short guitar solo or a slide part would work. Then again I’m a guitarist, so I think guitar solos go everywhere. I think its a good start for a song.

Hi STM (stan the man) ha ha Been in a little slump lately and just comin out of it.

I originally had this track much slower. I liked it better that way in fact yesterday I actually thought of bringing it back. It just seem to drag on and on?? Good comment of great help once again from you. Going now to listen to those examples you posted. I hope that riff doesn’t show up there. Nearly impossible to be original for the zillions of stuff already out there.
Thanks ole friend for the time you put in. Wish I could have a beer with ya some day.

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Hi Chandler I do hear the comparison. Sunshine of your love is pretty slow, so between this and Stan’s comments I am def going to slow my track down to the original acoustic lazy boy first take where I came up with it. How was that sentence structure from a retired school teacher. ha ha Thanks for the listen and help

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[quote=“Stan_Halen, post:7, topic:6202”]
This is a great Alice In Chains song, which also features some slide guitar in the intro, like Bob suggested. It also reminded me of your melody and vocals. Just some ideas to consider.
[/quote]Very close bud. Glad my second note is different. Mine, with that Bb is more dark, but yeah same kinda sound. I am deff not going to sing that high. ha ha
I don’t know much about mixing as everyone knows but it sounds like that souped up guitar is the same both left and right ? I might try that. After all who has an acoustic on one side?? ha ha

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@feaker, I absolutely love how willing you are to branch out into whatever style you’re feeling at the time. I’m so anxious to hear where you take this one :beerbanger:

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I’d guess that it’s double-tracked, different tracks but playing the same part. I do think your song might be heavier with doubled electric guitar parts, but it was the acoustic guitar that gave me a bit of the Grunge feel.

I’d say I like it the way it is. You could swap the acoustic guitar for a double-tracked electric if you’re feeling that, but I like the vibe as it is. I’m not sure it would work at a slower tempo, but it’s your easel and paintbrush so go where it takes you. Your clip is only 41 seconds, which is too short to drag on and on IMO. I figured it was a sample riff and playing with that to see what happens. And there were some changes and fills in there too, which broke up the riff a bit.

With the minor-key sounding intro and ‘verse’, it might be good to switch to a major key for the chorus. Depending on the lyrics you come up with, maybe the minor-key verse describes the ‘problem’ or complaint, and the major key chorus offers the solution. Just some song structure thoughts … spitballing here. :melting_face:

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Hey bud I put some stank on that acoustic with a studio one fx called ampire. It has a ton of features, most of them are real acid. I used one called British clean. Just a little bite. I might do the double track with the PRS tomorrow just for the heck of it.
The track was at 76 originally and then I sped it up to 85 and this morning I brought it back to 80 bpm’s. Felt pretty good there. I put together a few radical lyrics this afternoon when it got to work outside. haha Might get the boot if I use them…but i will. ha ha
You were right about just doing a simple riff and see where it takes me. It is the ole “what’s next” issue for me.
Yes I won’t stay in that Em in the chorus for sure. Like your spitballing ole friend. Well bedtime for me. thanks a bunch. Feel free to jump in with me :slight_smile:

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My understanding is that music postings won’t be censored. As to other comments I don’t know, but I believe it was stated by Bryan that song lyrics will not be censored. So I think you’re free to say what you want in the lyrical realm. My postings in the text realm haven’t be censored for awhile, so it appears that’s minimal, if at all (it should be none, according to Free Speech).

It always is. My song ideas always start with a certain riff and then lyrical ideas. It requires development of the idea and the structure. “Where does this want to go”, you might ask. The Muse will give you the answer, if you listen carefully.

Good to know. I got the sense this one is going somewhere, even though you didn’t seem to have the lyrics yet. It’s taking you somewhere, take us on the journey.

If you can flush out the song, I might be able to do a solo. I know you said you don’t do those much. Mine are kind of wild, but Rock/Metal oriented. I have always wanted to add that to songs, though I know it may not always connect to the artist vision. If you develop this, I can try. That’s what I can commit to. Whether you like/accept it is another thing, the artist’s prerogative.

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Hey Stan You have a knowledge base that exceeds mine by 100 times :0

I started cutting and pasting this track so many times, I finally went back in studio one and revived the first post. I tried in the key of Am instead of the Em and it was perfect for the vocal. Just got lazy and didn’t want to start from scratch. Who knows going forward. Lyics might put me int the IRD slammer?? It’s how feel. I’ll keep plugging along with it. thanks bud

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I just try to notice things, and I have an opinion, that’s all. :slightly_smiling_face: But thanks for the kind words. I probably got so deep into the techno-geek aspect for so many years, I stifled my own creativity. That has to come first. Then, you can tweak and refine if it seems necessary. There’s the cake, and then there’s the icing. You have to have good cake first. :bulb:

I see you put up a 2nd version. More lyrics/vocals :+1:, though I had trouble understanding the words, and some guitar lead/solo parts that sound nice! I do sense more of a theme going on, so I think you’re on the right track.

I didn’t notice. But I’d probably have to look for it anyway. You’re making the cake and you’re baking the cake, so you’re the baker that gets to decide. I now noticed the lyrics are posted, which helps me understand the words better. You’re singing what I’m thinking. :wink: :grin:

I’d argue that eating natural home-grown food will keep you alive and keep you healthy! That’s a blessing, though I understand it is a lot of hard work. I grow a little, as much as I can at the moment, but I’m aiming for more. Self-reliance is the future, and you already have a head start my friend.

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They are both the feaker genre! I prefer the first audio mp3. The second one reminds me of music that could be on “Nightmare Before Christmas”, which has a creepier vibe with that style of singing. I think they are both very good though! Keep at it man! :slight_smile:

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[quote=“aaron_aardvark, post:19, topic:6202”]
They are both the feaker genre! I prefer the first audio mp3. The second one reminds me of music that could be on “Nightmare Before Christmas”, which has a creepier vibe with that style of singing. I think they are both very good though! Keep at it man!
Hi aaron I just listened to your latest and it is a wake up call for what a track should sound like ha ha Last week I laid down that track and then sat back and listened. I thought “this might be fun” The more I messed with the worse it got. I’m not scraping it yet. I will try a whole new feel and lyrics today. thanks for your input