Scheps Omni Channel plugin down to $29 for a bit!

It’s a flash sale, so it won’t be that price for long. Thought I’d post it in case anyone was considering it.

checkout code YNY23 will give you an extra 10% off


This plugin is excellent - well worth it. It’s mid-side capabilities are phenomenal problem solvers, but the thing just sounds and works pretty damn good. I did this mix a while back pretty much only using it on every channel:


I second this!! I think the saturation is an amazing feature on this…and I love the distinct compressor modes. Link to a video from a while back going through my first impressions on it :slight_smile:

The same code works at too for even le$$!

$23.82 in the cart with the code “YNY23”… also honors the code…

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Can only confirm what everybody else has said in praise of this channel strip. I love the EQ, the pre-amp saturation is stunning and I must say, the presets that come with are very useful. I’ve thrown a few on bass and guitar tracks and they give me a great place to start from in my mixes.