Riley Hawke - Wasteland (With Her Fingers Holding My Appendage Mix) OFFICIAL CLOWNPENIS.FART ENTRY

I tried like hell to make this sound good, I think I did a great job. Yummy yummy yummy. LICK IT UP! God bless you all, it’s been a fun contest. Cristina could fart into a paper bag and make it sound great. Used a knotch filter on the guitars to get rid of some of that unsightly noise. Oh yeah, @Wicked, @takka360 told me to tell you to suck it! Hey, @Mods, can I vote my own mix a ten?

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Vote your heart.

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well sounds better than a fart entry as the title claims… i opened the doors to this mix with caution.
congratulations you are my guinea pig for today

hard contest to judge with a decent mix to begin with … so I had to use one my own cooked up methods to come out with a fair rating. I have broken my feedback into scores and categories as Mix Engineering Related and Non Mix Engineering Related.

Non Mix Related (half weight)
Feeling (emotion delivered)
Score: 4/5

The song itself had a lot of emotion to begin with and you did well to preserve it if not add to it.

Creativity (additions and their effectiveness)
Score: 3/5
I noticed the bass, the notes were cool, the effect was cool… maybe a bit too cool for the song but hey its bass, basses are good, who doesnt love a good bass. Nice feedback, good stuff… though I wasnt expecting them right away though so it sorta missed its ‘aha’ moment for me. The I dont know the bass either gets drowned out later or something. I missed it.

I felt the ending was too soon or abrupt.

Mix related (full weight)

aesthetics (effects)
Score: 7/10
Overall the aesthetics were very good. Nothing was peeking out or distracting, felt like a smooth operator…
Vocals were a bit loud, delay is causing some pitchy parts in the chorus. I know chorus was pitchy to begin with but it gets enhanced with reverb and long delays.

Balance (tone, levels, clarity)
Score: 8/10
Overall clarity and richness of the tone was very present. Maybe a bit of harmonic distortion or panning could have brought it out a bit more. The bass is a bit wider and panned a bit more right than I would like it. I do love a good bass in my right ear but the feedback on the bass had high frequencies that were effecting the right side of the sonic energy.

Total score: 7.33 (7-8) calculated using partial weight method as [(4+3) +7 +8 ]/3]

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Thanks, Alpha. You’re a true American patriot. Kick ass!

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The bass is folded to mono in the mastering, I’m not sure what you’re hearing.

i heard the low end a bit heavy on the right side of the mix, its the combination of the vocals and the bass pulling the weight, Not just the bass you added. I feel my left ear being left alone in the dust. Though I only hear this issue in my audio technica head phones

I mean, not just the bass guitar. All the frequencies below 150Hz were summed to mono, I don’t doubt what you’re saying though. I’ll look into it.

Happy new year first of all.
I loved your mix. Especially the drums. Very cool!
I wasn’t too fond of the effect on the “solo” guitar though. Kinda too glam rock for this song. :blush:
Also what happened to the bass?
Why does it dissappear after the first verse?

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Someone was critical of the bass performance, but I liked it in the beginning. Ran out of time

only happens on headphones, not on monitors, probably cuz of enhanced stereo field. If all low frequencies were summed to mono and kept dead center than it is possible if you had any kind of spread on the rest of the spectrum, and if anything between 150-350 was already pulling slight right then it could create that effect. A stereo shuffler or imager applied around those freq could help. The mix overall was fine. This was one of the minor things.

Glam lives on strong in the heart’s of metal’s true warriors. I thought I needed to spice that section up.

I will, George. I will vote my heart. My heart tells me I’m going to kick someone in the shins!

I feel like this mix needs some more glue. I mean, it was really digital sounding to begin with, and I think you’ve done a good job with the balances and the levels, but I think it needs the sound of tape, or at least a good emulation of that sort of thing. I love the reverb, I think you got it just right without overpowering the vocals. Nice one, homie.

This mix is tighter than a rat’s ass at fly time.

Your mix is reminiscent of Spinal Tap.
I will rate this an 11 outta 10.
Ahh, Holster should have allowed us to vote to eleven. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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this was a brilliant mix! I didnt know you had a mix until today
I think the compression choices are amazing, you put the “soft” in soft knee… overall very smooth and rich tones.

The reverb decay and EQ curve is causing pitch problems to come out more during the chorus,
which takes away from the impact of the drop chorus in a big way. Maybe the achilles heel for this rock solid of a mix. Maybe try a different decay/delay and cut some problem frequencies. Take a peek at @bozmillar 's mix for this part (2:40) I thought chorus vocals were tamed very well by that mix. I know it was super tricky, I was struggling with it for quite a long time without resorting to auto tune, just playing with eq cuts till off pitch frequencies were tamed.

I think drop chorus needed a bit more compression. Harmony vocals sound a bit hissy (maybe needs a bit more de-ess).

for the creative decisions,
addition of bass notes was great idea, song lacked bass in a big way. Great notes added as well however, bass opens too soon and too loud for my taste (for the song) a bit distracting and takes away from the emotional impact of the vocals . For opening with a bass note, maybe I would have liked it more if it played more than once per measure at a faster pace
type of bass (sound) used is also not able to glue the track together.

Well done!
I personally think this is one of the top 4 mixes ive heard in this contest.

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Thank you very much. I hope I’m on the top of those four.

Honestly I have not been able to rank em, so far my favorites are (in no particular order)
@miked @AaronNarace @bozmillar and yours

as for mine, I am biased towards strings and I think a song with a violin should always win :smiley:


If I can get in the same list as Boz, I can die a happy man.

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I’m gonna mix Christina’s song with the addition of metal guitars and drums. I’m making it a hardcore heavy metal song. FluteCafe will be very impressed. Prepare to be outdone CPF! :smiling_imp:

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I welcome it. You’re my gay Canadian lover. I want you to succeed.