Redid one of my first mixes, is it better ? :D

Hi guys,

I redid a mix that I did when I was just getting into mixing. Not that long ago in terms of how many mixes I did, but I feel there’s at least a little bit progress.

Used the accoustic drums this time, but the bass is still podfarm, and the guitars with free plugings from lepoue, and impulses from (I don’t remember). Used a royer 212 left and an sm57 right.

This time I did it on my speakers. I don’t like my speakers though. Phonic p6A. Bought them from a dude that gave me an introduction course to cubase like 16years ago.

New mix:


@redworks You where right, there was a bit to much body taken away. First time I shouldn’t have cut some rumble around the 250Hz apperantly :slight_smile: I also boosted the vloume of guitars a bit, and boosted the bass abit around 110Hz where it had its meat. And also did a bit of 2buss fiddling :smiley:
Old mix:

Have fun :slight_smile:

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I think you might have pulled a little too much body (200-600) range out of the main guitars. Otherwise this is coming along nicely.

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Wow it is 5 am and I forgot to turn the volume down. Coffee almost went flying. I a very old as you know, but I really can get into this kinda music. I like the way the two styles of singing break up the track. I do however like the singing that starts at one minute much better. ha ha The track itself sounds very good IMHO Is this a song that you created from scratch? Ok, I am awake now and ready for this day. thanks for that

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Haha, glad the loudness was above expectations :smiley: Hope you still got to enjoy your morning coffe :smiley:

Its not my favourit subgenre in metal, but it was the genre I got most familiar with in the beginning.

Brian Hood recorded this track and put the multitracks online for people to practice with. So I got no credit for recording and writing :).

I’ll check into that :slight_smile: Thanks !

added a revision :slight_smile:
But now I feel that the kick gets lost a little bit. Did I maybe kut to much lows ?

From where i am sitting this is sounding much better. I don’t feel that the kick is lost. Could it be better? Maybe or maybe not but personally i like where this is sitting right now.

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Alright nice :slight_smile:
I think I might add a bit klik on it, to get it more audible :slight_smile:

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