Headphone metal mix

Hi guys,

I found some time to do a bit of mixing again :smiley: yeeey!

I did do a bit of reference listening on my speakers, but at my current room, I trust my headphones more :smiley:
Headphones: Sennheizer HD 650

The subbs are probably off a bit cause off this, but I’m currious to what you guys think. For me personally its my best mix yet.

Greetings, and thanks in advance !


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It is funny because i listen to this mix and i just don’t know where to start. I have no reference but i think you have done a good a job, even though my opinion really doesn’t count on this one. Thanks for sharing.

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You might have possibly gone a little too far with the sub info, I’m seeing shit right down at 20Hz, which is great if you’re playing it to your dog but it’d become a bit of a problem on a big system.
I’d be inclined to high pass a bit of that real low end stuff that is of no real benefit and look and a slight bump right around 130Hz so the low end can be felt a bit more. It’s a little thin around this area.

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Thanks @redworks redworks! I bet there’s a bunch of things I could have done better, but I’m happy for today :smiley: But why would your opinion not count ?

Thanks @terryhesticles terryhesticles! Yeah, I am looking forward to be finally mixing with a subwoofer so I can properly hear whats going on there. My speakers don’t give that great low end representation imo, and headphones aren’t great for that either. Thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile: !



Thanks, will look into that !

Span is an incredibly valuable tool!!

You’ve done a great job here, I do think that you need to work on the low end because there’s a lack of body and in the mix and the bass sort of disappears for me, you’ve put a lot of energy below 50 hz and that can cause problems on some speakers and the bass would not be present and full on others which is what I’m hearing, compare your mix vs a commercial release:
Your track

Opeth “The drapery falls” ( I know, not the same thing, but it’s what I had on hand :slight_smile: )

I would suggest taming the 20 Hz to 40 Hz region and enhancing the punch of the bass in at 200 Hz, which would give your mix a fuller bodied sound.

Cool, thanks man ! :slight_smile: I played it back just now, and I think I can hear what has to be done. Especially after seeing your screenshots. Opeth is great ! Love that LP. Watershed is an awesome album as well. And the mxing job there is superb as well :slight_smile:

Thanks for the trouble and insight !


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