Rash purchases!

Damn it to hell! I have been looking for a midi controller so I do not have to paint notes in the midi editor like a fucking caveman. I got some great advice from the topic I posted about it, one suggestion was to play it first. Ok. Last weekend went to the only GuitarCenter around…and the store was shut downnnn! . Hit by 2 (yes 2) tornados apparently. No go. Went to 2 local shops and they did not carry anything in stock, but gladly offered to order online for me. Ha! The next GC around is an hour away in Mobile,Al. …fuck sakes no.

So went to order one…ok…simple . Click. Click. Card number. Click.

How the fuck did I order Jamstix3 by Rayzoon!!! God damn google! Somehow I meandered from my path of buying a midi controller to now being the “not-so” proud owner of jamstix3 drumming software!! The 249$ full model to boot! I am weak.


hahaha. I don’t know why I think this is funny. There’s something kind of painful about getting sucked into the world you’ve always fought so hard to stay out of. And it feels a little bit good at the same time. Then you just get used to it and you have to up your purchases to feel the pain/pleasure again.

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I feel like a chump for buying an Xbox black friday and only having used it few times. OH! IT’S ON SALE!! Woohoo! Right? Nope.

Bought a wi-fi extender. Haven’t even plugged it in.

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Now, I still need a midi controller, but I am afraid to try to purchase anything right now. I might even end up buying a boz digital labs plug ! Ha!


If a Guitar Center near me got hit by a tornado I’d be checking the nearby trees for free stuff! There’s gotta be a half stack or a Les Paul or something wedged somewhere close by. Maybe even a midi controller!


Just make a jamstix guy play the piano and see if that works. :beerbang:


I recognise this - and I’ve found a pattern emerging in myself. Luckily I’ve spent the past few weeks selling off old gear that I wasn’t using - great for the bank balance and the guilt factor of having toys I don’t play with.

The pattern I noticed was this: When I’m mixing, playing or recording, I don’t think about gear. My guitar works, I’ve got a small MIDI keyboard that I can play chords on, the DAW is fine, monitors are great. So in the moment, I don’t need anything. Then the Mix Off contest came up, I downloaded the tracks and tried to mix my first song that I had not recorded. Way more tracks than I was used to. So trying to mix the guitars and the drums with a mouse just turned into a miserable affair. After many hours, I sourced and bought a very cheap hardware fader. Helped me 1000%.

Now, when I’m away from my monitors and mix, that’s when the fantasy of owning some NS-10s, or another interface, or a pre-amp or god knows what starts to enter my mind. This is the pattern. I go straight to the internet and start my bad habit of shopping. So I made myself a deal. If I buy something that will do the job of another piece of equipment I already own, I will either NOT buy it, or sell the other gear. So far I’ve been through 4 drum brains, but always selling the previous one as well. I upgraded my interface having sold my old one. So far, this has kept me sane, and also kept my marriage going as well.


Haha. We all fall prey to the online sales pitch now and again :slight_smile:dont feel disheartened, enjoy your new purchase!
May it bring you inspiration and quality beats

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I will be trying this. C F C F F !

Are you slowing becoming a “proud” owner yet? Haha

Haha! I feel you on that one bro! I’ve even made secret purchases!
I had to sneak superior drummer (boxed version) under my coat lol.
I feel guilty for a while…
But i did just buy her an apple iwatch series 2 for christmas so i’m now in credit for some more studio treats :wink:

Downloaded the files this morning, did not install yet. I will let you know.


Last year I bought some mugs and a small kettle so that clients could make their own tea and coffee. Then I realised that not only would the milk go off, but there was no water supply in the studio to wash the cups. So now in my kitchen I have 12 mugs instead of 6.

Anyone want to buy a kettle?

No marriage was damaged in this gaffe as there isn’t one to damage. Boom!


made some Demos with this thing.

  1. slow groove. this has some drum mangling mixed in parts

2 funkiness groove. bass line still needs some tweaks

these were made very easily, and I barely scratched the surface of its interface controls!

Sounds better than I expected! Is there a way to easily “humanize” the track when you put them together?

There are no static beats, everything is humanized. They have 30 drummer models that mimic certain players accents/ styles, that create the beat.

I was planning on doing a short review soon. It is pretty awesome for what I need.

That’s awesome! Cool that you don’t have to do anything for that to happen. Looking forward to the review!

I really enjoyed listening to both demos playing at the same time…
there was a kinda slurpy funk to that… :relieved:

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You’re right! It actually works! Very jazzy feel to it. Good catch @Emma :grinning:

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thats funny as hell…

actions dont support the goals syndrome…

damn that strikes close to home, i havent gotten to my weakest link in years and years fk…I keep getting stuff I dont need then spending time selling it only to do it again.

a study was done on mistakes humans make, they found everyone makes mistakes but successful people make the same mistake only once, while thwarted people make the same mistake over and over and over.

so what this means is you must go get the Midi Controller asap!! to be successful, if you for example go a second time and buy a guitar instead of the Midi Controller and then the third time you try you come home with a new computer and still no Midi Controller then that would be like a SNL skit.

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