Progress Logs - A new section for IRD

Progress Logs - A new section for IRD

Just wanted to give you guys a heads-up that there is a new section for the site. I’m excited to see what you all do in the coming months! Check it out below…


I something similar going on in here.

How did I forget about that thread?!?

That is very similar to what I set up, but maybe these guys could break those out and create separate threads so we can help them finish their goals individually! :grinning:

Your idea is able to handle a lot more topics then just finished albums though, I like where you are going with this!

I’m going to post one for myself in just a bit. Hopefully it’ll get my butt in gear!

Well… here goes something!!

I highly recommend that all of you give this “Progress Logs” thing a try. I put mine out there yesterday just to kick things off and I already feel like I’m pumped to take action on my goal. That was the whole idea, but to actually give it a try myself… that was super cool! I feel like I have some folks on my side now that I can refer to as I’m taking steps.

For those that responded to @cptfiasco’s thread recently…

I would encourage all you guys to put those projects out here!

Do it!!!

This is Brilliant! I’m going there right now.