Will it ever get done?

Going by some recent posts here, I wanted to make a topic that will hopefully motivate people (including myself) to finish, or at least work on, an “album”/ music project that has just gone on too long!

If you want to post in here for some motivation, just include:

  • Your name
  • The name of your project
  • How long the project has gone on
  • What hurdles (time, musicianship) you are facing
  • Then describe the intial direction or purpose of this project (wanted to reveal the injustices of the lower class or I just wanted to be rich! Ha!)

Even if you do not fit into this catagory of needing some motivation it may prove beneficial if you offer some support/direction…so let us get these burdens finished!

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name: iain
name of project: its still a secret sorry lol
how long has it gone on?: since i was 17 (i`m 38 now)
hurdles: work, laziness, wife, alcohol, wife, kids, wife, kids, shopping, college. life. fighting with technology

initial direction : to produce a self written and performed and mixed album. mostly alternative rock/mainstream type rock of a 90s feel. i will get it finnished but i am currently very busy in all aspects of life. but i will do it this year!! this is the year or im selling all my gear.
i dont want to do it for money or fame (although if i made some money from it that would be cool) i just think i have some excellent songs i wish to share with the world.
plan to do own website and videos too lol.
im going to be very busy. plus im finnishing my hnd. plus working 45hr week, plus toddler, plus wife, plus emigrating to canada.
oh shit.



I am (formerly a RR refugee) cptfiasco , I have always wanted to create a grouping of noises . I never really been in a band, I am not a musician, I am also too damn lazy to work on something that no one will umderstand. Ha!

Butt ,goddamn do I love making noise. I would love to make a collection of noises that would take you on a journey. A journey that would kick you in the puss, steal your shoes, strip you down, whisper in your ear “everything is going to be ok”, then pay your mortgage, pay for your first counseling visit, strap you on the outside of a rocket, and blast dat ass to another galaxy!

I have lofty expectations, coupled with the fact I am still trying to find my own unique sound that varies wildly

Alrighty…enough aboot me. Come on spill it


Awesome! We share common hurdles, though you have a more lucid direction then myself. You have plenty of determination , in between the hurdles, you will overcome.

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Name: Greg
Project: Various
Project lengths: Some get knocked out right away. My third personal solo album has been in the can for over about two years. I’m already on #4 and #5.
Hurdles: None really. I just haven’t put it out yet. No hurry to release something that no one will hear lol.
Direction and/or purpose: Directionless and purposeless

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  • Your name: Allen Tate
  • Rockstar name: Big Al
  • The name of your project: Currently Untitled (I had a great name picked out and then Tina Fey did a movie with the same name so I’m changing it now.)
  • How long the project has gone on: Since mid/late 2006.
  • What hurdles (time, musicianship) you are facing: Several things. First, the guy I was recording with split up with his woman and that stopped my recordings dead in their tracks. Second, I am taking care of an aging parent. Third, I’m working on my MBA. Fourth (and most accurate), I’m kind of lazy.
  • Then describe the intial direction or purpose of this project: Delusions of grandeur.

Mean Girls? Baby Mama?

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Great topic!

Name: Andrew
Project: “Glacial Pace” (Working Title)
Length: 5 Years
Hurdles: Time mainly, but once I started posting a few of my songs, I got requests to mix, record and produce for other people. I decided I liked that too! Too many irons in the fire, basically!
Initial Direction: Just to put together a collection of the best songs I have written and recorded over the last 23 years.

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Hell I have had off work since the 23rd (thanks christians!) and do not go back till the 2nd and I barely touched the mix comp tracks. I did upgrade my daw (studio one) to the newest variant. Hopefully the competition tracks will hone my skills with the new upgrades and that will get me ready to tackle my industrial/punk/folk implosion.

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Haha! Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Anyone hear anal cyst’s new ablum “mean girls”? Ha! I think I got some motivation…

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Tina Fey is pretty milfy. And she’s funny. I’ll probe her anal cyst for some laughs.


I might need you to play drums for me. Seriously. Something like 190 bpm gallop, I pencil-in drums (do not shoot me ha!) and I can never get them to feel/sound right.

Gimme a sound example. If it’s something I can do then maybe.

I don’t know about big long term project that needs finishing.
I tend to work on one song at a time. Right now I’m working on a tune that will probably take weeks and weeks before I consider it done. Not sure that counts.

I just noticed that since I’ve started doing music again, after a 15 years hiatus, and since I’ve joined RR, I’ve written some 40 originals, some of them I’m quite happy with, actually - although probably not the way I mixed them…

Your name: Boz Millar

The name of your project: Blood on your Face

How long the project has gone on: 5 years? I guess?

What hurdles (time, musicianship) you are facing: motivation in general. desire to focus on a single idea.

Then describe the initial direction or purpose of this project (wanted to reveal the injustices of the lower class or I just wanted to be rich! Ha!): I started an instrumental post rock album a while ago. I actually really liked doing it because it was the one style of music that just let me do stuff without worrying about if it’s done “right.” I just get so bored doing so many songs in the same genre. After about 3 songs, I got my fill and just stopped working on it. One of the songs turned into “New Skin” that was used for a mixing contest, and the other two I’m still quite happy with. It’s just that instrumental music is way too boring for 95% of the population, it gets a little old working on music that nobody wants to listen to.


I totally get this. I think that is one of the reasons I am never really motivated to finish anything of my own.

I think that’s an unhealthy way to look at it. If the current global internet landscape has taught us anything, it’s that literally anything has an audience. If you wanna see midgets getting kicked in the balls by monkeys, you can find it on the internet somewhere. It’s not that no one wants to hear anyone’s music. Surely there is someone somewhere that will like whatever yall make. The work is finding those people.

For me, I don’t want to put in that work. I think my songs are good in their style and people somewhere will like them. I just don’t feel like trying to find those people. I’m fine with making music that I’m happy with that almost no one will ever hear.


This is me also. I do share with a small circle of friends and family who seem to genuinely like what I do, and that’s very gratifying. And of course, having this community take the time to listen critically to my stuff is pretty priceless. But mostly I do it for personal satisfaction. :beer:

I understand what you all are saying. I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. Hell, I’ve got 35 or so people on my mailing list. Haha!