Producing an Album

Producing an Album


I mentioned that I was doing my first LP production gig on my “introductory” post and I was asked to provide some links.

For those of you who know me from RR, I’m still primarily composing and doing sound design for films. I got this gig through the director who is also a local artist with three albums under her belt. she was frustrated with her previous producers and after we’d chatted, we found that we clicked.

Anyways, it’s been fun and things have come together quite well. Only real issues have been on the scheduling side: I’m married for 23 years and have teenagers - she’s a single “rock star”. I’m ready to go by 8:30 while she rolls in around noon… it’s been interesting. :wink:

A couple of tracks we did as “pre-release” test runs before committing to an album:

This one is for her other swing band:

Behind the scenes stuff she compiled (with my dog featured…)

Been A While!

Frickin nice dude. Great stuff. And I love those outtakes! She seems like a very pleasant personality to work with. Always great to collaborate with good players.


Totally - she’s fun and loves collaborating.


Hi there,
Great to see you’ve joined us! :beerbang:
Looks like a cool project, enjoyed watching those videos. hehe, especialy the outtakes.


Cool trumpet player. I bet she did not give you any hassles recording.


Hey Emma!

Great to see you here as well! Looking forward to catching up! Hope you’re doing well.



OMG, she’s a fantastic player! All the musicians on this project have been real pros - take direction, no egos and right down to earth.


Welcome to the forum, Dave! Hot videos!


Thanks for sharing! This is so encouraging. @chckn8r