Please bash this 'work in progress'.. Industrial Folk?

I’ve been playing around with this for a while now and would appreciate some feedback… still working on it. Am experimenting again! :sunglasses:

Thanks heaps for the feedback!
Have pulled this for now - in typical Emma-fashion I have ‘blown it to bits’ - substituted a piano, twisted the vocal effects, tweaked this that and the other and… to be honest, “lost the plot” and run out of time haha… happens to me a lot.

But I had fun and it has challenged my creative processes in a cool way. My music studio is being packed away for a while and will be re-created in the new year. I am hoping for new songs, new ideas and fresh creative journeyings!


I really enjoyed the minimalist aesthetic and the shambolic percussion… it was a bit of a shock at first, tbh… but I think now that I’ve gotten used to the direction, I’d like it to be a little bit weirder, if that makes any sense!

In this context the piano sounded a little too pristine and “straight-forward”… I wonder if you could break it a little more? I really liked the backwards sounds toward the end…

Also, try a little less of an “expensive” style reverb on the vocal… go for a more “broken down barn” sort of environment maybe.

Yup…I would like to hear more weirdness like that as the song progresses - go the full Tom Waites on this one! :smile:

Cool stuff - keep on pushing!

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Yay… perfect thanks!!
I tried SO many things it was hard to get an overarching concept in the end… I needed to step back out for a bit… I was definitely trying for dirty shambolic with a hint of pathos (grin).

thanks heaps

Yay!! It’s so good to hear that voice of yours again @Emma!!! :smiley:
I like @ColdRoomStudio idea of going “Tom Waites” on this one. It would really bring out the character of this song. Great tune!

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Very nice the way your vocal floats above and doesn’t quite match up with the pulsing percussion. And as @ColdRoomStudio points out there is that contrast between the sweet vocal and the somewhat sinister drum sound. Makes a cool disconnect, like abstract art.

The drums are pretty relentless, you could have some variation without losing the feel, or even have them drop out for a space and let the psychedelic sounds have their moment?

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Yay, thanks heaps @holster and @ingolee!
I’m in the mood to find some sort of new sounds and actually having fun in the studio, yippee! Have been playing with some cool distortions and added a burning piano but a lot of tweaking to be done yet before sharing. As usual, I tend to throw everything at the mix and then pull it all apart again but I had lost perspective in this one.
Will repost hopefully in a couple of days.

Had realised that I always do certain recording things in certain ways - always the same sort of reverb/fx, and why? hmm, well, because it’s easy and much quicker haha.

wish me luck!.. :grinning:

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I’m also guilty as charged. lol

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