Please bash the live drums in my new song

Please bash the live drums in my new song
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I talked my buddy ( I played in our band with for twenty years) into playing drums to this new song. Only problem is that I had the tracks already recorded, so he had to drum to the song. Not sure if he was on. Also, does it need EQ? I did put a little reverb on it.

Anyhow this dude gets dumped by his girl, and every time he starts feeling better, he sees her out in public. I was first going to call it “suck it up buttercup”, but it didn’t fit the feel. ha ha Might have too much reverb on the electric guitars?




sounds good. Nice late 70s ‘California’ feel. (Carly Simon, Linda R, Eagles)

Panning might be a little weird. Sounds like most drums on one side and then the guitar with reverb on other side. Might have been nice to have drums and that reverb guitar spread wider


Jon Jon Yup, you were right. I just cranked up the studio and I had the drums 37% right. I have no idea why. You see, I couldn’t hear that and you picked it up immediately:) Just uploaded the fix thanks much




how many mics on the drum? just curious




This is my Roland TD-6V electronic set. He said he liked the sound as a drummer etc. I think he said you can program just about anything into them. I could also bring my laptop to his house and mic up his Tama drums. I just wasn’t impressed with this electronic set. We played out a couple times with them and I guess they sounded ok?? That is why I posted here to get some feedback. thanks for listening again:)


This is sounding pretty good to me Paul… I do think there is a bit too much high freq on the drums and vocals, and your vocals could use a bit more meat in the low-mid freqs too-- if you high-passed your vocals, you may have overdone it a bit. The level could be a bit higher too, the guitars are a bit loud compared to the vox.

The kick could be more pronounced too, and the bass is a bit quiet. I’d like to hear a bit more punch in the low end in general.

Nice composition! And I love the way the guitar sound, personally… they fit the vibe of the song. Nice job :slight_smile:


Sounds very good, Paul! I like the song - nicely done… and the mix sounds very good.

The drums suit the music - perhaps they are a little on the sterile side. One option open to you that doesn’t require your to mic up a full drum kit is to capture the midi note recording from an electronic kit, and then use that to trigger higher quality drum samples than the ones that come with the Roland kit.


Hi CW I just boosted the bass by 5 db. I had it way down there. I remember doing it experimenting to see if it was cluttering anywhere and forgot to put it back. I did do a high pass on the vocal and then save it, so I can’t get that back. I see there was nothing in the 100-200 range. I just tried to increase that area by 6db. Seems to have helped a bit. I boosted my vocal by 1.5 db and I think that helped too? Thanks for your ears bud. I will keep posting the updates. no need to revist:)




He CRS :slight_smile: I will tell by drummer about that trick. I don’t get him to my house very often anymore and then I always talk him into playing something. ha ha I was also thinking of experimenting with EZdrummer? I hate to tho because it is pretty special to have one of your best friends a part of your song.

Thanks for listening again




Listening to the last one … I think the drum performance is perfect.

It’s a song. The listener’s focus is on the singing while the vocalist is on, and in this style the drums are important, but should be unobtrusive.

These drums are absolutely perfect – they catch the feel and mood of the song – they come forward where they need to, step back when they need to. The performance is exactly what it should be.

As for the drum sounds … I think they sound good and complement the song well. The bass MAY still be down a bit from where it should be – but I was listening on headphones so the bass may also be dead on. The vocal sounds a bit too loud to me, but that could be my headphones.

This is really nice work!


Hi Brutus Nice to meet you and thank you for the kind words. I copied and sent this to my drummer and he was tickled. I would like to get him involved in a live song now. It is very hard to drum along with a song and a click track. He didn’t know the song so he had to guess where to use the crash :slight_smile: Might have used it too much? Someone had just said that the vocal had to come up a little and you thought it was too loud. ha ha I just listened and I think it might be the chorus that is too loud especially with the harmony. I’ll fix that.




Coming along great! I’ll be anxious to hear the finished product!


Sounds really nice,



Thanks Coming form you that is special




Nice might be a saleable possibility, but I will gladly take that:)




I thought that the lead vocal was too loud in a few spots throughout the song. The background vocals were really loud too.

I think you captured a really nice, mellow vibe with this song. Really cool!

The drums sound kind of thin too me but this doesn’t seem to be a song that necessarily needs full sounding drums…, it might make things sound better though. One thing I do like, is that you can hear the kick coming through nicely.


Hi wicked (I bet you’re not) Wow, yes the bgv’s were way too loud. I had my hearing tested, and lets just say the results weren’t good :frowning: Nothing lasts forever. I jack the EQ a full 12 db at just over 100hz to have the kick come alive. Might be too much. Still messing the main vocal to be better balanced. Ok, I just checked what you said and it was that you heard the kick. ha ha I jacked it. Doesn’t sound too loud to me now. Oh well, I will leave it for tonight. the tweaking is fun.

Thanks much for you accurate observations. I will keep posting the upgrades:)




This is sounding really good Paul! The low end has improved a lot, and the adjustments to the bgv work really well too. Now that you’ve clarified these things, I would now suggest that you do dial back the reverb on the swampy guitar just a little bit. Minor adjustment only.

I still really envy your ability to come up with these simple but excellent songs…! Nicely done.


Hi CW This song came first hand from a friend that got dumped, was starting to come around, and saw her in a bar. The two chords are those G and C with the extra d note like the song every rose has it’s thorn. ha ha stealer

I am a simpleton both heart and mind. It’s funny, but I have a good following on facebook and little do they know I make up many of the stories just for fun. ha ha Thanks for the compliment. Maybe someday we can put something together?

Oh yeah, the reverb was a setting on my boss and I don’t think I can dial that back. I think now it is a bit too much as well. I might play that over clean and then add the reverb later?

Take care