Please bash the live drums in my new song

Please bash the live drums in my new song
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I would love that so much!! You need to let me know next time you come down to Texas for the winter…

This is exactly why I never record from an amp or other device that locks in the sound at tracking. Invariably, I need to come back and adjust something. So I always always record DI/clean with amp sims or whatever, because once I have the performance I like, I can always go back and adjust reverb or distortion or any other part of the sound to suit the mix as it evolves. I know a lot of people like to “commit” to a certain thing, be it vocals or guitar or whatever. I frankly don’t understand what there is to lose by keeping options available right to the end, and what there is to gain by “committing” except maybe a little time, because you can’t go back and fiddle with it anymore.

Looking forward to whatever you do with this one… it’s a winner.


Hi again CW I get it now about the reverb thing. Just not thinking I guess. When you play and it sounds good, you think It will sound good on the track. I went in and at least tamed it down a bit . ha ha Then, by chance, I found my bass playing really sucked. I was off everywhere. I moved the entire track. Everything was a little too fast. I was blaming the timing on the drums. I still here some rattling. My wife has projects for me again. Crap, a day out of the studio. Have a good one:)





I see I’m late to the game and you’ve already put a ton of work into this one.

It all sounds really good! Good work!

Now, I’d love to hear those drums up a little louder and/or that vocal tucked in a little more…but I like things that way anyway. It’s not especially genre-appropriate here.

No big complaints from me here. High-fives!


Hi Tyler

Not really that much work into the song, just a lot of messing:) Glad you said the volume issues you heard. I had recently turned the drums up and the volume on the vox down and then put them back. ha ha I have to rely on the ears of forum friends to get things right for a final wrap. I’ll tweak the volume again. I keep switching from the nearfields to the cans and back again. Played in a band for years, so I tend to be loud. My final mix as 6 db over, so I have to lower some things yet. thanks much




Quite pleasant, Paul. I like the final mix. The drums are subdued to match the ambience of the rest of the song. Your friend did a great job! EZDrummer wouldn’t sound as good as him, and it’s a lot more work for you.

The lyrical phrasing is neatly done, too, really helps this normal song shine in my opinion. Do people still slow dance at proms? Because it makes me want to…


Hi steban This is so funny that we are talking about my friend Jeffo the drummer. He was here ten minutes ago helping me set up for a family jam session this Friday. I took my Mackie mixer, power amp and some other electronics up from my basement to the garage and then could not figure out how to hook it up. We ended up scrapping the whole works and playing thru a small Mackie 406 ha ha. The bass player canceled out so I have to play bass. Not happy about that, but it will all work out. Going to get my granddaughter Grace to sing live. Want her to have that experience. Thank you so much for listening to my songs and the comments. Does this old beat up ole heart some real good:)




Sounds fine Paul, i say stick to the real drummer if you can also. Although i use BFD3 fro drums i wish i had a reliable drummer i could use even for some human interaction. Good work.


Hi Paul, What a dreamy song this is, soothing. I listened to the first cut which was OK but I prefer the second take, I listened to that one a couple of times, nice I like it. I had some difficulty making out some of the words especially at the beginning, being Canuck probably doesn’t help.
I agree with what the others have said about having people contact above machines, far more satisfying to have someone involved in your stuff.
Keep up the good work


Hi malzy Sorry it took so long to get back. I have my two daughters and 6 grandkids here. ha ha Yup, I hear you on the vox a little loud and the drums should come up a tad. Back in the studio tomorrow after they leave to make repairs. thanks for the listen




Yeah I couldn’t tell they were electronic drums.