Personality Cubicle Mix

well recorded song… really enjoyed mixing the song…
Re-amped the DI guitar track… and put some subtle fx on the vocal
basic EQ and compression to glue the song
looking forward to feedback!

Upload your 320kbps mp3 of your mix here.

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Hey man, pretty cool sounds you have going here - nice full low end and really smooth sounding guitars.

I think the kick may be a little too full in the low end - it just dominates a tad too much.

The vocals sound good, but they are underdone and overshadowed by the guitars. At times they are very audible, and at other times almost completely buried, which suggests that they need more dynamic control, either by compression, automation, or both.

Overall though, there is a lot to like here.

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thanks for your feedback…
got it… what about your mixes… what did you do to the kick. ?
I Automate the volume for verse and chorus by +1db, to make more excitement on the chorus…

I like to push the whole kit up slightly in volume for the choruses. Sometimes I’ll push the first beat of the chorus really hard - even as much as +5db - Pushing into buss compression ensures that doesn’t sound too extreme.

Nicely done. I feel like there is a good balance here. The vocals could have come up a bit and you could have created a little more movement. It is tough in this song because it is a pretty much hit, blast and done song so it takes some work to create interesting dynamic flow. (at least that is what i am struggling with)


Thanks mate !

woaw, very natural mix !

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Nice work my friend.
I like very much the overall clarity and power, and the sound of the guitars and snare.
Some suggestions that I would do.
Turn the Rhythm Gtrs a bit down because they cover the vocals. Especially in the verses.
The lead vox could need a bit of de-essing at some points.

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Thanks man… appreciate it… agree
is it possible to change the mix after I posted here?

According to the rules you can’t. Only the first post counts for the competition. But I would like to hear it with those small issues solved nonetheless.


Check out the contest rules again (linked below). Unfortunately, you only have one shot at it. Once you post your official mix here, that’s it. What a lot are doing is first posting their test mixes for critique on “Bash This Recording”, then posting here once they are happy it’s the best it can be.

Great sound. Like the vox up one more db. ha ha Like the unusual timing of that first riff. The power chords to me were just a touch hot. Not much really to pick apart here. Nice work:)



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I like what you did with the guitars.

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Bashing as I listen:
I like the overall tone on this one, no harshness and great full tones.
The low end lacks a bit of clarity though, I guess there’s some frequency build up there that you could have better controlled. Vocals would need a little extra pass of automation to stay on top.
Not a fan of the distorted vocal at 2:34, it sounds a little incongruous at this point only, and the tone is a little too lo-fi compared to the rest of the tune.
But all in all, a pretty good mix! :slight_smile:

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I really like the EQ on this one, but my one area of critique would have to be the dryness of the recording. It’s a little brittle sounding, I’d add more reverb and some delay on the vocals. If you put a 90-150 ms predelay on the vocals it helps give them life while keeping the reverb from making it sound murky. Ping pong delay on the vox has a widening effect, panning one delay in the left ear and panning a slightly longer one in the right ear. It’s a great technique I picked up from the '80s, one of the only good tricks I picked up during that decade!


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I do put reverb and predelay on the vocal… but just subtle amount.
yeah pingpong delay great idea… thanks mate

so sad :frowning:

Solid smooth mix Well played

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Good guitar tone! :smiley:

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thanks mate