Personality Cubicle Mix

Personality Cubicle Mix


Sounds great and balanced to me. Very smooth high end.
There may be couple dbs too much in low subs. Or maybe it’s a question of taste…

Well done!


glad you like it… yeah maybe bcos of the bass track HPF. I Should’ve roll off more


Good mix, I would give toms a bit more punch.


Sounds big and nice! And the guitar pretty natural… But I think the bass need to be more in front, or just me! Cheers anyway! :smiley:


Sounds great and well-balanced.
Love this track!


Hey there :slight_smile:
Nice sounding track, the guitars sound natural although they are not quite my cup of tea, a little bit on the edgy side, at least for this song imho. Low end is pretty good, although you do have some slight imbalances in the bass guitars low frequencies, they need to be tamed a little, try a multiband compressor at 130Hz, and compress just that part of the spectrum, 4:1 ratio or above if it’ s still not tamed, use a slightly slower attack say 15ms, just to avoid any low frequency distortion, (don’t go too fast on the release either) and you’re set to go. Apart from that, the vocal is on the sibilant side, and those awkward breaths could have been chopped out :slight_smile:
I love what you did with the drums, snare is just right, great sounding overheads.
Keep up the great work! :slight_smile:



I like the sound very much. The guitars are very smooth. The drums sound great.

I am not such a huge fan of the delay effects of the vocals, though. But that is only my personal preference. But if you want to do it with the long delays, perhaps only turn them on at the end of each phrase?

I think a deesser would be good on the vocals, as I can hear some sharp siblants at times.


thanks mann for you comment… yeah I should’ve HPF the bass track more to get rid the rumble.