Pan knob?

Pan knob?

The difference in this case is that Pan Knob won’t sum the low frequencies to mono. It leaves them untouched. So if you have a stereo track and put pan knob on there without panning, it shouldn’t make any difference to the sound, no matter where the crossover is.

Mongoose, on the other hand, will sum the low frequencies to mono.

The CPU usage for pan knob should be a little lighter than Mongoose, although both should be really light. I put 30 instances of Pan Knob on a track and it used 0.2% cpu on my machine.



Wow. I could have swore it was… I suppose its just because I’m not used to hearing multi-band panning lol.

Ok. Say I’m playing a stereo keyboard synth patch. I place pan knob on the stereo panner and the crossover at 200 hz. Are you saying Mongoose collapses the > 200hz to mono, where as pan knob anchors > 200hz in the center but DOESN’T sum it?

I sure as heck sounded like it was dropping my synth into mono, but it seems I was mistaken.

I guess I don’t really understand this but I thought I did:

Can you tell me the order of the signal chain you would need in order to accomplish the same thing with Mongoose and the DAW panner?