Official Mix Why Wait (St. Anger Version)

I mixed the song according to Metallica St. Anger standards of quality. Contains substandard drumming, digital compression, and folding chair snare.

Thank you Bob ROCK!!!

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Hahahahaha. HA. ha…ha…

That snare is gonna be worth millions if they ever auction it off on eBay.

Not sure the band is going to like this one, but it gave me a good laugh.
Love the drummer’s style, and some tasty tuning on those BGVs! :joy:

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Glad you approve. I “fixed” the BGVX.

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Hope they do. Supposedly the sound you’re hearing is the snare drum without the snare activated on the album. The tempo trip up right about 2:25 on my mix is still making me laugh.

Took me right back to my first listening of St. Anger at my friends house… both of us looking at each other and saying “WTF is going on with the drums?” You gave me a good laugh this morning!


Definitely stands out as a different take on this song.

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Mission accomplished ha ha ha my ears are bleeding

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Let’s get this one in the tournament. It would be a great fluke.

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I like how you have put drums under the spotlight. It really lets the drummer shine! 10/10

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XD this is so funny XD

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The balance of the mix is the lopsided. I come from the broadcast industry and this sounds like you one channel off station. The bass is lost and there is little clarity. I guess that was you goal but it is now pleasing to my ears. I like that you stepped out of the box but it have been too far. I wonder what kind of monitors this was mixed on.

It is creative and after a couple of passes and the uniqueness is lost I would have not distorted the background vocals so much and moved them back and brought the bass forward some.

thanks for the challenge to my brain

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Nice spin to a simple song. :drums2:

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Don’t over analyze it, I did not spend much time on it because it was supposed to be a quick laugh. I’m glad you found deeper meaning in it though, that was certainly not my intention. In no way is this supposed to sound good, I even detuned the backing vocals.

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This is hilarious! 10/10

This ^ pure gold!

If you listen carefully to the snare, it is obvious that the entire track is out of sync, delayed a few milliseconds. There are a few reasons why this can occur. The following is a list of examples that may have been the case in the above recording.

  1. When the wave files were first brought into the session, the mix engineer forgot to check sync, slide files to correct any sync problems, and then lock every track down.

  2. The CPU is too slow to process all those snare plugins without creating an obvious out of sync condition. Some of the more expensive DAW have plugins processed on an independent rack mount device. Waves have what’s called the DigiGrid system, and this reduces the plugin delay issues. Universal Audio has a little black box that manages the processing, and it too reduces plugin delay issues.

  3. This next point has more to do with the reality of managing this delay issue. It can be an extremely frustrating thing to attempt the sliding back of a snare track only to discover that many of the drummer’s hits are not quite right. Ok, so things groove really nice in the verse, but when you get to some other part of the song, the snare has a few late hits. Editing corrections for poor drumming skills can be extremely time consuming. I make this last point because that is exactly what I hear in this drummer’s performance. Anyway, hope this was educational for some.

There’s also a 4th reason: the mixer did it for fun!


What! <------I actually said that loud…

… you’re kidding right?

Listen again, read the title, and the whole thread again and come to your own conclusion :wink: