November songwriting challenge - Week 1. Emma

November songwriting challenge - Week 1. Emma
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Well, this is udderly original… I have no beef with the choice of arrangement at all, and I agree with @Cristina, it’s quite catchy and sets a certain mooooood. Definitely among the most original pieces I have herd – no deja moo here. And there is still plenty of scope to milk this idea dry. Just don’t stay up pasture bedtime working on it…!

:cow: :cow2:


Brilliant !!!


That’s no bull! He wouldn’t steer you wrong!

Sorry… Must be the mad-cow kicking in. :slight_smile:

Love the cow photo btw. A video for this would be amazing.


I’m giving it a go but trying to be a bit ‘careless’ about it… plus it’s the first time I’ve worked with actual moving footage so it’s all a bit bizarre but creative fun…


Wow, I hadn’t any idea what a MooMoo song could be but I was a very nice surprise with lot of layers of Emma’s voice and an ode rhythm with cowbells!
As always, great work even if you didn’t have any idea to start with.


Hi there ncls, lovely to hear from you!!
I also made a very silly video to go with this if you were interested : Da MooMoo Song Music Video


I’m not sure on that word. What about funny, weird, creative or conceptual? :blush: