Da MooMoo Song Music Video

Da MooMoo Song Music Video
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Okay, I made this ridiculous song in half a day (November songwriting challenge) and then I decided to literally throw together a music video…
hmmm, yeah I know how wibbly wobbly the technique is, my first ever movie plus the actors were um challenging. I decided to just throw it onto youtube anyway… what do you think?
I had a lot of fun making it… :smile:

by the way… I couldn’t believe how often the cows lick their noses… an amazing skill… :wink:

November songwriting challenge - Week 1. Emma

I can dress up in a cow suit if you need an extra. Those cows seem like prima donnas. The video is pretty cool though, lyrics and everything. I’m seeing dollar signs here.


MOOSIC! Nice pun, Caiman. Innovation is your name. Neologism.


I love it. I really want this to go viral, lol. I have no idea how such things happen though.


Program a bunch of bots to watch her video millions of times until it shows up on youtube’s trending page, and then people will watch it by the millions for real.


ahhh… I sometimes wonder how I can be soooo daft, but thanks for watching it!
It was a huge learning curve trying to move those cows around and teach them to dance!
They did seem to enjoy it though. :sunglasses:


If I had a choice between getting milked and dancing, I’d probably go with dancing too.


I just keep thinking of what fun it could be if I was cleverer and could make a ‘proper’ video but alas,
I have handheld wibbly wobbly footage from a cellphone… heh… it was the tongues curling into nostrils that cracked me up… they were so quick I hadn’t realised the extent of the poetry in motion.


If @Emma wants to attempt to make it go viral, maybe she could submit it to some public libraries for use in children’s programs. The kids get a kick out of some of those lyrics and the cow pat stew reference will give the staff and parents a good chuckle.

(Edited, because I found this link after I replied. Warning, music auto-plays on this site.)



How to make a viral music video… write an article about how to make your video viral and have your music video auto-play when people open the link. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Emma I wish you had done this song when my kids were still toddlers. It would’ve been so much better than a lot of what I had to endure. Lol


Very great video, very spot. All those “singers” really want to act in this video clip!!
Are they yours? they look not that scary being filmed and ending on Youtube :smile:


[big grin]
Thanks for checking this out… they are my neighbours’ cows… I went for a walk down the road with my dog and this whole bunch of cows came running over to look at my dog… and then the funny ones with the sheep standing between them are the neighbour’s on the other side of me when I took my grandson for a walk over there and he is only very small so they were fascinated by him… terrible filming I know but sometimes it is just nice to laugh at life!


It’s part of the story :+1:

:cow: “Oh, something new, come along!!” :cow2:

Nope, it’s an artistic decision, something you did on purpose :blush:


I like the idea, the music and the song too.
Your neighbours’ cows gave you a very nice inspiration.
I really like it!


I just ate a burger, I feel so guilty lol