November songwriting challenge - Week 1. Emma

November songwriting challenge - Week 1. Emma
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I was determined to get something together for this challenge, I think it’s a really cool idea but… I’ve had absolutely no time and
gawd… the only idea/trigger I had was a field recording of the neighbour’s cows… so.
I wrote Da MooMoo Song. Yep, I’ve been working on a sequence of batty alternative kid’s songs and um I suspect this may have affected my judgement.

It is totally literally thrown together this afternoon… in creative splendour!!!
Does it have any merit whatsoever as a song?
moooving right along… thanks for listening to my rough-as-guts-madness… :smile:
Yep, can’t quite believe I’m posting this haha… guts lunacy or both?


Sounds like something Pink Floyd would have done during their post-Barrett pre-Dark Side days. Maybe on Atom Heart Mother, and not just because of the cow connection. I get an “Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast” vibe with more melody. Indeed, maybe a song from the studio part of Ummagumma or the More soundtrack. I like it, but I don’t think I’m anyone’s target audience. I’m just a lonely clown. You’re a genius, and it’s more of a song than a lot of corporate pop. You are the best. Cry cry.


you sure are waaay too kind but thanks heaps for checking this out… I had a lot of crazy fun and don’t think I’ve ever thrown something together so quickly hehe…
gawd, those cows did go on eh?
That’s the recording that crashed my interface for hours, now I’m starting to see why… (conspiracy theorist’s crooked knowing grin)


Not super kind, that’s my least favorite Floyd era because it sounds like they’re directionless. There is some brilliant music on those albums some places. I like your song better than most of their songs from that time period. 8.5/10 would recommend to a friend. Unfortunately over here in the States not everyone understands your eccentric recordings, but they can cry themselves to sleep because you’re a god damn genius Emma Caiman. You listen to me, you are a God! Waaah #screamingforvengeance


Call me crazy, but this sounds damn good!

I really like the way it rolls and the laid back feel,…like you’re strolling through a pasture, happily singing, surrounded by a bunch of cows.

This is very cool.


You’re fucking crazy, but I agree with you. I love this SONG! I feel like I could lay down in a field so secure with Emma crooning me to sleep with cows mooing next to me.


Emma Emma Emma…I have always loved your madness. So many fantastic elements you have created in the presence of cow dung. Only you. I picture you recording the cows. This is just great. nuff said




My oldest kid was a huge fan of The Wiggles when he was little. I could totally picture them doing this song. :+1:


This is oddly soothing… I’m sitting here at the end of a work-day with a silly smile on my mug listening to the ‘Da MooMoo Song.’ You’ve captured something here… I’m not exactly sure what… but I like it. :relaxed:


Strap him into a chair and force him to intake this masterpiece at the risk of being grounded, with the punishment of having to eat like a and tell people he is a vegan. That oughta get him listening.


its giving me disturbing images of movies like a Clockwork Orange lol


Hey, I’ve been listening to this on repeat for sixteen hours straight. My boss went crazy, my wife has taken the kids, and the neighbor currently has a double barrel sawed off shotgun stuck in my mouth. I guess that speaks for its longevity. It’s invoked quite a passion.


you’ve convinced me… I’m going to hire a proper producer, mortgage the house and get those cows on autotune and smmoooooth out this puppy…

o… [pause]
but I’m a bit too busy already working on the next song for November…
I have two ridiculous ideas already… watch this space.

Um, sorry about your domestics… if you play the track backwards it will fix everything - guaranteed… :crazy_face:


Don’t ruin the demo feel. You don’t need a producer to dilute your vision. It’s all just bureaucracy to your ensuing stardom.


Yeah, I was just kidding… being ‘produced’ simply never worked for me :slight_smile: I’m starting to rather like ‘more-raw’ stuff… there are some lessons here for me somewhere. In the meantime I shall continue to twinkle away in my own little sky…


Awesome -You really have a knack for the novelty song!.. with the right video, I could see this getting a zillion views on YouTube.

Sounds a little like Harry Belafonte moved to NZ to do some farming. Nice work!


Thanks heaps Andrew!.. Love the Harry Belafonte analogy, giggle!~
It’s actually a salutary wakeup call for me, this ‘throwing things together’…
I can’t even remember what the song sounds like, I literally made it so quickly. And yet I can obsess and angst for hundreds and hundreds of hours… it’s a peculiar thing.
On my morning walk this morning I even took some cow photos to play around with… Just so nice to feel the creativity flowing again, it felt like a looong winter.


This is amazing. I agree with Andrew that it could be a hit on YouTube with the right wacky video to go along with it. I’m listening to it for the third time already. It’s great! I’m pretty sure I’ll be humming it later. :smiley:


So utterly silly… thanks for listening… I really did get into the groove… haha… something about not giving a damn I guess…
And this morning I did take some cow videos so am going to try to put a video together with it just for ridiculousness!!

edit: here is an example of an early morning photo - o dear, I suspect I am in creative overdrive… :wink:


Yes…bovine madness has crept into my mind :face_with_raised_eyebrow: