Nostalgia Thread - Past Glories (or not!)

Nostalgia Thread - Past Glories (or not!)

So I thought I would start a thread where we can post some old music stuff we did… Live performances, recordings, maybe videos/photos… If you have 'em, post 'em… I’ll start…

I came across this recently: Here’s a live recording of my old band “The Engine Room”, doing a Fuel Cover “Sunburn” from roughly 20 years ago. I’m playing lead on this, and I quite like how the solo came out that particular night.

The recording is no great shakes, as it was just an afterthought - Recorded at the mixing desk, just picking up the FOH with a stereo pair of Tandy brand mics running into a Roland VS-840EX 4 track, if I recall correctly. It’s a bit shrill and lacking in bass, but it gives the general idea of the performance:

Our vocalist was really LOUD, so his level is really up there on the clip. His pitch is a bit ropey here too, although that is more a symptom of poor monitoring on the night than a reflection of his abilities.

…and a couple of live action shots frrom around the same period:


Excellent solo @ColdRoomStudio, nice pacing, starts mellow and builds. Sound is not that bad, it’s kind of nice to hear live sound really. Good guitar face too!

While you were heating up the stage, about the same year and 8,000 or so miles away I was attempting to chill my way through a studio date. I clipped a coupon for $100 hour of studio time. Just got fired from our club gig so I thought I’d play my set list for an hour while I still could remember it. Not listening to any playbacks to save time was an obvious mistake but some of it wasn’t too bad, here’s a cover of Green Dolphin St.


Wow, nice Ingo! For some reason, I wasn’t aware you were a guitarist. From your compositions, I assumed you played keys. That’s a really cool tone you had going there, and I love the gentle studio reverb spreading the soundstage out a little.

Have you kept up your jazz chops? What sort of guitar/amp combination were you using?

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Mad props Andrew! No question about the talent in that song clip. I’ll bet you guys were awesome to see live! :sunglasses:

@ingolee - very impressive as well! So much amazing talent on this forum!


Love the pics and that EXPRESSION. Even with all the processing, the Vocal came thru good. Lots of verb and lots of feeling lots of minor chords. Still waiting for that lead as I listen along. Finally …oh yeah, then it takes off. ha ha Just perfect. No bgv’s. Just three of you? It might be ancient history to you, but this is a pretty decent tune. Thanks for posting


Ha. Here’s a recording of my high school band in 1999, recorded in my bedroom. We didn’t have a clue what we were doing, but it was fun. We put 3 mics on the drums, one on the vocals, and ran the guitars and bass line out from the amps, which explains why the guitar sounds like a swarm of bees. Listening back to this does make be feel a little bit guilty for subjecting my parents to this all the time.


well is it just me or is this the first person in the world to rock a mustard yellow shirt with yellow tie this good??? :sunglasses:

I am likely going to regret posting this but here is a blast from my past.
This is me (right) and my best friend and first chair before a concert performance in Seattle.

this is the only recording I have from the old days. I am not going to say the year or everyone will know how old I really am! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Haha, thanks Mike, sometimes we were ok, sometimes we were awful. I really enjoyed playing with them. I got tired of the covers, though. We did a couple of originals, but covers were the order of the day.

Thanks Paul - it was a four piece. The vocalist was also the rhythm guitarist. Here’s a snippet of another cover from the same night - Tonic’s “Open Up Your Eyes”. I’m providing the harmony vocals on this:

Cool! Thanks for sharing Boz. The guitars don’t sound buzzy at all - at least not compared to what I was expecting. What are you doing in the band?

Awesome! Sounds great. You can’t go past Bo Rap!.. but you stopped just before the best bit!!! Haha…all kidding aside - that’s great - Thanks for sharing!

Well, I don’t care about letting people know how old I am… Both of those pics are from around 2004 - I was 35 at the time.


Thanks @ColdRoomStudio ; and I don’t play nearly as much anymore since I don’t have to play a set list. That’s a Gibson ES-175 through a Mesa Boogie Mk III (not the best amp for that sound). I wish I knew more details about the studio set up but just wasn’t paying attention, duh!

Great thread idea with some very cool contributions here.


Unfortunately (or should I say fortunately!) I have no recordings of my old school band. This was our first gig in 1974. We hired a Kustom amp which doubled as PA. The audience (at the school Christmas dance) was very forgiving in those days :wink:

I’m the guy with the red1962 Fender Jazzmaster (which unfortunately I sold, it would be worth a lot of money now).


I’m guessing you were the drummer Boz (usually the most noisy intrument)?

I knew in the first three seconds it was Jonne. Ha ha Perfect guitar tone for this. Our band always started with this at wedding receptions. Finished with Kiss rock and roll all night party every day.
processing way up there :slight_smile: Really impressive guitar work IMHO Live bands are just the best…fun stuff
thanks for going back

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Holy galileo that was fast puffing. Good stuff. Pic is adorable. Thanks for posting:)


Ahhh this is so good. Fun to go back ain’t it.

Me on left with Gibby es-335 1972


Great photos guys! (Lovely guitars too!) Thanks for sharing

What a terrific thread!! :beerbanger:

Best I can do is this photo… no audio from those days (this is 1977).

This was a recital by students of my classical guitar instructor, Hal Kinneman. The students played in order of age, and being the oldest, I closed the show with three pieces, the last of which was Lagrima by the Spanish composer Francisco Tarrega. This was the one time in my life that my playing was completely perfect, in all three pieces. One of my best memories. :slight_smile:

Edit: got the nylon-string on the brain these days… working with a colleague (remotely, a cellist in California) to do two duets, one a Chopin prelude and the other an Applachian-style instrumental ballad. So I’ve been arranging a piece of classical music from sheet music for the first time in over forty years…! I got to a playable arrangement… playable by someone, anyway, hopefully I can teach myself to play it!


… and, a very handsome looking young Dave you are too! Great story Dave - thanks!

The rest of the story is that after I finished that last piece, it kinda brought the house down, and I was completely unprepared for that kind of reaction (I mean, it’s classical guitar). I honestly have only the vaguest memory of the next few minutes, but my family tells me I sort of stood there gaping at the audience with my guitar in one hand and feebly waving with the other, then turned and walked backstage in a daze-- enough so that someone quickly took my guitar out of my hand before I dropped it or something! That’s the one and only time I’ll have that kind of performance experience, and I’m just glad I got to have one time! :laughing:


Star-struck, maybe? :star_struck:

Great thread. I’ll eventually find something to put on here. Maybe a recording, video or pics. Maybe all three , if I don’t feel too self-conscious.

Lots of fun and interesting stuff from everyone’s personal history!

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