New Waves Andrew Scheps Omni Channel. Yaaaaay! (with quick video demo)

They added it to the Mercury package. I have high hopes for this plugin. Just got off the phone with Waves (couldn’t get it installed). 2 min with tech support, I’m up and running. He said except for the behavior of the meters this was completely coded from scratch. Its installing now. Excited!!!

Did a video and it doesn’t even make sense. Redo!!!

Aw damn! Where is it, dude? I just bought it last night - now I came here, lured by promises of mixing revelations and Audio Nirvana, only to face bitter disappointment!..:thinking::wink:

Awww…This thing has so many knobs and modules! I want you to show me how to use it! C’mon mate, get your act together!!! :grimacing::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::smile:

There ya go! This one isn’t as bad. But I’m still new at this.


Holy ass, that is a lot of knobs. Looks like you could pilot the Challenger with that thing. Your video was pretty decent, but you totally geeked out once you got to the compressor.

I just bought this thing this morning and I’m liking it a lot so far. Thanks for making the video!

Scheps’ promo vid makes it sound pretty sexy, although I need another plugin like a hole in my head.

For those interested, can be acquired at for $37.87. Use code “YNY23” once it’s in your cart. No affiliation whatsoever, but a great discounter…

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Thanks Mike, I just came to this thread to say that Audiodeluxe also has this on sale, but for five bucks more than Everyplugin. Glad I stopped in here for that! :+1:

You’re very welcome Dave! BTW, that code is a Waves code, so it actually works at Audiodeluxe as well. (“WEEKEND10” is also active.) Just add it in the cart. I think Everyplugin beat 'em by a few pennies this time around though. I do buy a few from Audiodeluxe as well, they have vendors that Everyplugin doesn’t.

Man, I am so on the fence on this one! Just not sure if I need it right now so am thinking I’ll wait. Plus, it uses a good bit of CPU which is always an issue on my PC. I should save up and buy a new PC!

Oh no! Now I see that the PSP Master Comp is on sale for about $25! Because you know… I don’t have enough compressors! :wink:

I’m gonna sign up for those sites. Miked, Dave, is there a new user referral code that’ll get you guys any free stuff?

Not that I’m aware of, but thanks for the thought Jonathan!

Ditto-- thanks for thinking of us. I get pretty much all my plugs from Audiodeluxe, hadn’t heard of Everyplugin before today. But used it for this, and will start shopping there too…

Hey, bringing this thread back from the dead-- Audiodeluxe is running a sale on this plug for $29, as of 13 May '18. Doesn’t say how long it’ll be at that price, it’s a “flash sale.” I don’t get anything for anyone buying it, just passing along the info…

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…can be acquired at for $23.82. Use code “YNY23” once it’s in your cart.

Wow, Everyplugin beats Audiodeluxe again! What a smackdown. :wink:

The only knock on everyPlugin is he doesn’t carry Melda, Soundtoys, or Boz plugins. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The code does not seem to work now.

Coupon code “YNY23” is not valid.

You’re right, the discount code was disabled. Here’s a note from the everyPlugin guy over on the Cakewalk Deals forum:

We had to disable the “Waves instant saving” code (YNY) on OMNI during the sale, as Waves disabled it for us for multi reseller purchases.
Frankly, I understand this, as the price was far too low (even now…) and could possibly make the product underrated.

It’s still only $25.89 without the discount though.

Yes, I got it tonight, watched the videos, and tried it on my latest song on the organ, piano and guitar.

It’s nice. I have a steep learning curve and basically stuck with the presets for now.

Yep. I’m on the Scheps bandwagon now too. I hemmed and hawed when it first came out at this price, but I just couldn’t pass on it this time around. Now I just need a new PC so I can run it! :wink:

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