New song mix

This one we tried tracking in the rehearsal room on the drum mics we have there and honestly having really hard time controlling the cymbal levels in overheads. It’s also my 1st attempt at mastering in T-Racks.

What do you think?

This is some fine playin. I wike it. Not liking the intro at 13 when you go up to the second progression, actually twice. Loses interest for me? Can’t fault anything else. How much coffee did you guys drink before this. ha ha congrats

@feaker no coffee…drummer complained that the click we setup for this one was slower than what he was used to :slight_smile:

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Hey, very cool to get such that result from a rehearsal :open_mouth:
It sounds pretty decent “out of the box” :smile:

From what I listen to, the mix is quite balance and it doesn’t sound too raw, I would think at something way roomy with many odd things everywhere.

I don’t really know what the goal of the mix (just for fun, some kinda finish product…) but I would use drum layering and guitar reamping to get some of the standards of actual metal sound.
Mixing-wise, I wish fatter guitar sounds, more controlled drums (a bit too prominent on some parts), the stereo specially on the drums is a bit odd to me.

By the way, really nice performance, recording and mixing!!

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Thanks for listening! If you don’t mind to elaborate on the stereo comment, what do you mean by that?

Drummer basically got some mics and he’s wanting to forego the studio experience and do all at rehearsal, also aiming for something a bit more raw.

I am still not convinced but maybe for single it will do.

Yep, totally: regarding the sound you could achieve with drum recording in a studio, plus a regular mixing and stereo placement of each track, I found that usually crashes and tom rolls created movement in the stereo field.
In this mix, I found the overall drum sound going on the left side, with lot of bleeding on many things on the other side. It sometimes that odd when there is some phase issues.

I hope you could get my point :slight_smile:

Gotcha. I think it might be the overheads in omni mode. I had to fight the drummer to swap the big bottle OHs we have on there with small pencil condensers but I lost.

Maybe now I can convince him to experiment. They’re just too close to the cymbals so in cardioid mode they pick up unevenly, in omni the sound better, but I did like the small pencil condenser overheads better.

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Redid the mix in case anyone wants to hear it:

Having a listen to the Mix5 and I like what you have done for the most part. I think you could add a little more of the dry vocal back in but it would not take much for my taste.

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Hey, D. I like this last mix (7th in thread) better. Very good balance. Is this your band, or someone your mixing? VERY good musicianship.

I really like the mix. I like the dynamics, the stereo thread, the balance of the instruments. It’s pretty tight. EQ on mix buss is nice, and on instruments as well. Impressive mix.

Yeah, I think your concerns about the high hats are on track. They are still a little harsh for me. A bit too dominant, esp in the first mix, but even still in the last. My hunch is that most of the volume of the high hats are coming from the overheads. A de-esser or multiband might do the trick, but I wonder if just a FET on the OHs would tame them enough?

I’d like less Hh and actually a little more of the rest of the kit. The kick is sweet, btw. Love the guitars too. I love this. Listened to it three times!

I could stand the vocals being a little more front and center. But that’s all I got. This is a very decent mix, IMO. Nicely done.

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Thanks for checking it out and for the comments.
It’s my band, well the drummer and I play on all instruments, then vocalist. We recorded drums at our practice space, then did overdubs at the house. I’ll eventually get the bassist to track or we’ll release it as is.

Maybe I can try to volume ride the hh?

Yes, I think you’re right. Reverb needa to bloom after the vocal line, seems to introduce a touch of metallic feel. I think I have a voc specific verb that I can try on this.

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It’s possible. How did you mic your drums? My hunch is that most of the volume from the Hh is coming from the OH mic. Mute the OH mic and you’ll know right away.

Wow. I’m impressed. You guys really have some talent. What instruments do you play yourself? Are you the guitars? Bass?

Guitars, bass, hi hat :slight_smile:
Kiddin’ on the last one. The drum OH mics had to be switched to omni due to the fact that they’re too low and some of the guys on the forum suggested that and it did fix that issue of closeness to some of the cymbals to the overheads.

So the excessive HH bleed is in the OHs for sure, the HH channel is actually really tight and controlled and I have it very low just to give the HH direction.