New FytaKyte Release

Hi all, I’ve just released “Too Much” today under my artist name “FytaKyte” everywhere.
All the digital distributors such as Spotify, YT, Bandcamp etc are linked here

Here are the YT videos:
Live action:




This a superb recording.
I am super glad to hear this lovely song, and the video is so enjoyable.
The guitar solo is what I love most.
Awesome song and s]awesome recording.
I love this.

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I am not very tech, but wanted to know how do you do the links to Spotify, and Deezer, and Apple Music, etc.
Can you teach me.
Thank you.
Other members might also want to learn how to do this.
Thanks ion advance for your technical expertise.

Hi Rene, the link containing all the digital platform links is from an affiliate company of CD Baby (my aggregator), called . When you release through CD Baby, they provide the link service for $2.95 per month. I’ve never tried it before… I’m only trying it out for a month to test it out.

TBH I’m just fumbling around with this stuff - I really have no idea about how to promote music… and it all seems ridiculously difficult and time-consuming. I’d rather just be writing, recording and mixing.


Sad story, it just happens too much. Well done. Enjoyed the video as we well it is fun to see and allows for a different kind of connection to the song.

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I hear you on that, and you are way ahead of me as far as having quality product and putting it out there.

This subject reminds me of Patrick Talbot, ‘Ghostly Beard’, who used to be an active member of RR/IRD. I know he got real serious about promotion a while back and I see he has quite an online presence. He’s got a webpage with a lot of press reviews from magazines I’ve never heard of like ‘Music Interview Magazine’ , and numerous other mentions of music related blogs, pod-casters, social media etc. Pat seems to be a virtual textbook of how-to-promote, it makes me dizzy just looking at all of it. I wonder how successful he is.


I dig it.

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Yeah I don’t know about how Patrick is going with his music. I do know that if you want to promote music, you have to be absolutely relentless… and that is something I simply don’t have the stomach for… and I’m too poor to pay someone else to do it.

Thanks Al! Great to have you back!

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@ptalbot checks in on occasion. Mentioning a member with the “@username” sends them an email, so they know :slight_smile:

Hey there! I received an email indeed! :slight_smile:
Great song Andrew, and cool video to go with, congrats!

As to promotion, well, all I can say is that it’s a jungle out there! I’ve been very active trying to promote my stuff for about 3/4 years on social media/indie radios/blogs etc. and it’s been time consuming to say the least.
I’ve got a lot of horror stories about the state of the indie world, the payola involved, the various scams and the general indifference and fakeness of it all, and TBH I’m done with it.
Nowadays I can’t be bothered…
I keep doing some music when I get the time/urge, but if I ever publish anything again I will just put it out on my website and be done with it. Life is too short :wink:

Keep doing music for your own pleasure, but don’t expect anything because the indie world is basically dead. It is for me anyway. Cheers!


Hey Pat! I kind of suspected you that might have happened, but I wasn’t sure. The minute I dipped my toe in the water of that dirty pond, I got that vibe, so I never really dove right into it. I got the feeling that unless you were willing to push your barrow into everyone’s face and run over the “opposition” 25 hours a day, eight days a week, you don’t have a hope in hell of making a dent. Not my scene.

In any case it’s great to hear from you! Feel free to share anything you’ve done recently here. I’m sure you’ll find an appreciative audience in some of us!


I would like to know how you arrived at the tempo you recorded this song at?

Did you have alternate versions at slower or faster tempos to play around with? Thanks.

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love this one…catchy! did you ever release Disconnected?

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Hi Studio - great question!… it’s something I haven’t thought about in a long while, actually… When I’m demoing my songs, I usually play them acoustically for a while, and usually the right tempo just kind of falls into place eventually. When I’m getting ready to record, I usually just use the “tap tempo” feature to find out what tempo I’ve been playing at, and then I just use that as the starting point.

Usually that is what it stays at. I rarely change it, unless I feel it’s not quite working. Most of the time my first instinct is pretty good, I think. Occasionally I have changed it. On a few songs I’ve actually done some subtle tempo changes, usually speeding up the chorus tempo a few BPM.

May I enquire why you ask?

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I listened to how the song is sung and how a singer has time to breathe in a natural fashion while still being able to pull off the song.

I put myself in that song. How and where would I take my calculated breaths in order to keep up with that specific tempo.

Since you bang out stuff on acoustic firstly, I’m guessing you also sing in that process to get the song firing on all cylinders?

For myself at my age, i would have had to play and sing that song at a smidge slower tempo.

Maybe it’s just my long covid status these days, but it has affected how i conscientiously approach singing songs. Thanks.

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Thanks Michelle - great to hear from you again! No, I haven’t released “Disconnected” yet - it will possibly be the next single when I release the album… soon-ish… :slightly_smiling_face:

Interesting, Chris! I hadn’t thought about it from that perspective before. but I totally see where you are coming from. (Sorry to hear about your Covid, BTW - I had it just a month back, but fortunately it hasn’t affected me long term like that).

When I record vocals, I tend to try to do multiple takes of sections of the song, rather than just dropping in line by line. That way, my breathing can fall into a more natural rhythm, and I find myself phrasing things in a way that is more natural and doable for live performance.

With this song, I don’t have too much trouble, but other songs I have written are pretty finicky when it comes to breathing.

For example, if I start this song from my last album at too fast a tempo, I will quickly get myself into hot water and turn blue pretty quick!


I would wish my words were a well of wisdom always, they ain’t and mostly I utter gibberish but, my cents, yes, I have at least still 2 of them rolling around with whatever marbles there are left upstairs, wants me to step in somewhere here.

The only thing wrong with the Music Industry is when, someone who should be making music, isn’t.

What is, may be contrived to somewhat a degree if not fully, but, so what. If you knew full well before you began the composition of a new tune that the tune would go nowhere with few ever hearing it, would you still write, record and release it? The heart of the Artist says what?

…a, misunderstanding between mates! As a “club member”, our hurdles are one in the same. Anyone found to be tripping anyone up as they try to sail over, should have their membership revoked or at least temporarily suspended while they undergo a sort of re-education… a beating with a retro Yellow Pages Telephone Book or Sears Catalogue maybe.

Thanks Anthony… Original, yet vaguely familiar - I’m happy with that!

…er…no. On a 15 or 16 year old it would perhaps be an attention seeking ploy, an attempt to fit into some subculture peer group… or at worst, a cry for help… on a 53 year old guy, it would be just plain tragic.

I guess you didn’t catch the lyrics, then?…

In any case, thanks for taking the time to listen and comment.

wow that is rough. I am curious to hear more about your experience, and strategies you used. Was it pure grass roots work? or did you work with any managers or a budget at some point? Did you target any specific platforms? Were there any concrete goals for the endeavor? sorry for many questions…curiosity runs deep :slight_smile:

If you are willing to share for us to learn (maybe in another thread).

From what I remember long time ago, you had some healthy activity on twitter. Sometimes activities don’t translate well, some work, some don’t. It is often strange and surprising on what translates to results. There are difference of opinions on what is better. Translating to point of sale, or translating to contacts. In most cases, social activities don’t translate well into point of sale. It is very hard to sell something, but at times, it can be easier to sell yourself.

At times I find myself struggling with a paradox. “Who is that person in my head, and who is that person in the mirror”. If I cant answer that question, there is slight chance that something is off.
fwiw, I wish you the best, and please continue your musical work.

Hi @FluteCafe!
See for a reply.