New addition to the family

New addition to the family


Nope, not another kid. But this came today. I’m kind of excited.


Wow!!! Congrats Boz, she’s a beauty. Is it a new instrument or one that’s had a previous life?

Looking forward to hearing some samples of the sound!


It’s a 1929. I inherited it from my grandma, who got it back in the 50’s. It’s in good shape, though some of the hammers are getting sticky. I’m going to wait a few months and let it settle in to the new climate, then give it a makeover. It sounds great and is still perfectly in tuned after the trip.


Even more awesome! I can see that the keys aren’t brilliant white, but didn’t want to make any assumptions. I don’t know jack about pianos anyway. :grinning:


Beautiful! Steinway has an incredible history, found this website for used ones; has some interesting info FWIW.


Kind of excited? I would be WAY excited. I love it.


Is that a model M?

Looks like Lizst sitting on the piano, but I can’t see the song. Am I right? lol.

Congrats though! Certainly a lovely addition to the ‘family’ lol.


Ooooh… jealous cry… that looks like a sweetheart… I would LOVE to have an instrument like that but…
they do take up a lot of space… they are so very satisfying to play with the lid open and the steinway tone is loverly… lucky you! I would give her a birthday tune and service… she will be a wonderful friend to play with!


lovely long piano stool too… funny … I have just come back from playcentre playing the piano for a tribe of small children and two on my knee… you could have a piano playing party with that seat… :wink:


interesting. I’m pretty sure it’s been restored at some point because it’s an old piano. I have no documentation on the restoration process though. I have no intention of selling it, so I’m not really worried about the value as much as I am worried about it playing well.


Model L.

I don’t think so. It was just some sheet music I found in the bench.


Yeah, it certainly does take a lot of space. And I’ve learned to love playing on a midi controller hooked up to a good vsti. But playing on a real piano is just so satisfying. The downsides being space, upkeep and volume.


it’s the sweet tone and responsiveness of real life grand pianos… they can be so utterly lovely to be in the moment as you play… I don’t think I’d be tempted to record them though, midi is so very much easier. I have an upright ‘real’ piano that I love but particularly love the larger instruments. The feel and the timbre are scrumptious.


I will probably record it for the novelty of it, but I agree. MIDI is just so much easier on so many fronts.


Absolutely, it’s beautiful and worth keeping, it will probably just get more valuable. The website talks about parts, how much they cost and doing repairs and restoration, but of course they’re trying to sell Steinway parts so . . .


Pianos are a bit of a pain in that they really do need annual tuning and that costs. Are there other instruments that have such ongoing costs? Hmm, I’d not thought of that before…
But pianos as in REAL ones are becoming extinct…
So this is also an ecological icon!


Dont they “stretch” tune pianos? Damn, thats another app idea I could of patented… :persevere: :beerbanger:


That’s amazing AND epic!


Niiiice. We’ll be expecting some bashable tunes shortly… :wink:


Congrats, she’s a beauty. I’m sure lots of great music has been played on it. How long of a trip did it make? Staying in tune in the same location is a feat upon itself.