New addition to the family

New addition to the family


from central CA up to Olympia, WA, so about 900 miles. But it took almost a month due to scheduling and weather. We got a whole bunch of snow (a bunch of snow for wenstern washington standards) up here a couple weeks ago and the entire world shut down for a week.


That piano looks so classy! Congrats!


I took it apart tonight and fixed all the sticking keys. It just had some stiff hammer flanges, but they were pretty easy to fix. Praise youtube.


That’s a bigger baby than I was anticipating. I hope your wife wasn’t carrying that around for 9 months!

Very nice looking piano. If you end up not using it very much, you can always use it to lean your guitars against.


That means the harp itself is very stable. You’ll be passing it down for generations.


What a magnificent instrument, to think nearing 100 years old! And the family connection is icing on the cake. I’m wondering how many pianos like this are beautiful furniture and rarely if ever played? I am glad you do, and so well. You may not record with it as often as midi, but it is a wonderful option, I’d think a little inspirational, too.


This one was for a long time. It got played a couple times a year when people would go to her house. It made for some very slow moving action, but it has loosened up a lot since I got it. It definitely gets a lot of use now.


Congrats. It’s a beauty.

Also a fun reminder that pianos were often the center piece of entertainment in houses prior to radio being popularized.

I can’t wait to hear some samples posted on here.