Neutron 3. Thoughts?

I’m curious about what people think about the new Neutron 3 thing. I’m toying with the idea of upgrading from Elements (which I got free over the holidays).

I honestly haven’t even used Elements. I’m ambivalent, cuz on the one hand the reviews are great and it seems like an impressive array of plugins. I’d probably learn a lot.

But on the other hand, it seems really redundant with plugins I already own. I mean, heck, I do have a great plugin library. Tons of high quality free plugs, and @Jonathan and others have coached me in making some pretty nice purchases of Waves’ stuff (I picked up the Omni, the Gold Bundle, and the CLA Compressors bundle over the holidays. I love Black Friday, BTW!).

So I’ve got some good stuff. I’m feeling like I should just learn how to use what I have. Maybe if I were just starting out it’d be a great place to start and might have made those other purchases not necessary. Not sure.

So, would love to hear if you guys use it and what you think of it.

But also, I would like to hear what y’all think, especially from those of you who’ve heard some of my mixes. Heck, you might listen to my mixes and think, “Tesgin, Neutron 3 would be good for you! You don’t know what yer doin’! This’ll help you tons.” Or maybe you’d say, “Hang in there, big guy. You’re heading in the right direction. This would just duplicate what you’ve already got. It’s overkill.”

So, speak truth to me! :slight_smile:

I looked at Neutron, because I have Elements as well… I also looked at Ozone. The reason I didn’t invest was exactly the reason you stated… I have plenty of great plugins that cover the same ground. The Izotope stuff has some really nifty features, and people rave about them, but I’ve already got plenty of investment in stuff that does the same thing.

The Mix Assistant stuff is tempting though… but again, is it just a cool thing that I can replicate elswehere using existing tools?

You can demo it and get their Visual Mixer for free.

Honestly, I’ve got Neutron1 Advanced but find I just don’t use it much. It was fun initially to play with their “assistants” and stuff, but it’s basically just another channel strip… And an expensive one at that!

Been using it lately Tried out the balance thing its ok but not really my thing .loaded about 47 relays and about 30 Neutrons after to try track assist and my pc started to struggle with 16 g ram .Like all this type stuff i never end up using its all a bit of a novelty at first .Some good bits in there tho so worth having .

I think this is one of the main reasons I didn’t want to investigate it further… for some of the really useful looking features, you basically need to use this plugin on your entire session. No thanks!

You do have to use the relay on every track for the balance thingy yes