Demo Izotope's Neutron 3 - Get Visual Mixer and Relay for FREE

Now this is a new marketing approach! Good idea if you ask me. I’ve been curious about the Visual Mixer for awhile… :slight_smile:

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Looks interesting, I actually don’t know much about those iZotope products so I’ll be interested to hear what you think. I think my plugin cup overfloweth, but didn’t someone utter the wise words “never say never”. :grin: It does seem like a good marketing approach since you get free tools no matter what.

Trying out the Neutron for 10 days and uninstalling could be a significant time commitment, though I guess there’s no commitment to use it if you don’t plan on purchasing a license.

Just to follow up - I finally had a chance to play with it last night. The Visual Mixer is basically a fancy gadget. It visually shows (and let’s you change) the panning and gain and width of whichever tracks you put the Relay on. Interesting idea, but kind of a bit of trouble for something you’re probably already doing anyway. Then again, it lets you do it in one place. That’s my first impression anyway. Neat idea though.

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Thanks for the review! Maybe one of those things that a DAW will incorporate into itself the future so that it’s automatic for all tracks, and you just pull up the management window when you want to use it … kind of like Reaper’s Track Manager.