Need a bash...can you guys check this vocal please?

Need a bash...can you guys check this vocal please?
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I’m trying to decide what to do with this girl’s voice. The piano loop is a placeholder for now. I’m debating whether to scoop more out the mids and brighten it up like “1000 years” or to preserve its natural dark and mellow qualities…used “You’re Here” by Francesca Battistelli as a reference.

Chain is Blue Bottle -> Blue Robbie -> EQ -> C6 (single band controlling 100-400 hz) -> R De-Esser ->1073 (with 3.2khz boosted) -> UAD LA-2.

Parallel to Bricasti, Devil Loc, H-Delay, MicroShift.


Sounds sweet as is ,I vote for mellow, but that could change with the arrangement. Big arrangement might need it brighter.

“You’re Here” sounds more close miced, I like this better.



Really a nice voice. I would rather hear the piano slightly lower and maybe a little sustained change one in awhile. As far as the EQ, I only have cans here. In the cans it sound that it lack a little bottom??




The piano was just a placeholder :wink:


I need to hear this on my setup. I’m super torn. My personal preference is to leave it fairly “warm”, but only because I don’t generally care for those kinds of vocals done super airy. I think that gets so overdone. Especially in this genre. I like a more intimate/real sounding vocal when it comes to this style.

She has a nice voice! I like that she doesn’t sing in that upper nasely range that so many do in contemporary Christian music. Kudos for that!


It doesn’t sound like it needs brightness. I like the fullness in the voice, though my opinion could might change with a different piano part.


Tell me if you think this (above) is a good middle ground…Since I posted that last response, I was kind of eyeballing this earlier as a happy medium.

A lot of the Christian stuff (that comes out of white churches) is too breathy also…to the point where the bulkiness of tone starts to get compromised. A large amount of stuff coming out of black churches is the opposite, but seems to be really shouty and unrefined. The overall technique sort of parallels soul/RnB stuff, but mechanically, its not even close. Its just second rate production.

I’m gonna put in a different piano loop, and pull out 1073 3k boost on the neve clone.


Here we go. Now boosting 4.8k instead of 3.2k on the Neve, and inserted the UAD distressor infront of it. I swapped the XLN Addictive Piano out for Synthogy Ivory II. Lastly, I swapped the SoundToys Devil Loc and replaced with the Waves 1 knob distortion driver. There’s also a L1 on the 2 bus.

Now instead of the 1073 doing the major tone shaping with the 3.2k boost, the Waves Driver is doing the heavy lifting. Warming things up lol.


The second version does sound warmer and a bit more compressed. Both versions sound good to me but I think I prefer the latest version. Once that piano has been replaced with something better, you’ll have a really nice track. Good job, man!


I like the latest one. Sounds as smooth as soy sauce, good job brosky! For Christian music I’m sure the goal is to create a vibe like there’s a connection to the Lord. That intimacy would seem to lend itself well to a warm presentation. I wouldn’t know from experience, I prefer blasphemy.