My son sent me a higher energy original

My son sent me a higher energy original


I think it sounds good. I’d probably go a little lighter on the drum distortion. It seems like it’s just past the point of overdone. Gives the drums a slightly harsh edge.

Ha Ha, my kinda stuff. Really a good rock voice. Goes to prove you don’t need a screaming lead to pull off a good song. Not much to pick on here. Only thing I can think of is it might be slightly a little too busy. My foot was a tappin bud :slight_smile:

I like the sound of this. There’s different layers in the music that gives it a real 3 dimensional sound.

Sounds pretty awesome to me! Love everything about this. :+1:

This also more my kind of music

Thanks for the listen

I appreciate you taking the time to check it out

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nice thanks for sharing.

Hey Paul, are you mixing these?? Because they’re pretty great!

My son is mixing them. He sends them to me and we talk about it.

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What I’m hearing is a very good vocal performance and a well performed song. The balance of the mix is fine, and there isn’t anything standing out that needs to be fixed.

Thanks for checking it out

liked it, overall.
Only thing that sort of jumped out at me from an aesthetics perspective was that the bass line gets slightly drowned out when the riff at 1:25 comes in.
But nothing too major, its a good listen. :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree. Thanks for checking it out